Panzer Corps 2 – Traits List

A list of traits found on Heroes in PC2 I don’t think this is all of them just all the ones I have encountered so far and their in-game descriptions.

Traits List

  • Double Attack – Unit gets 2 attack actions per turn
  • Lethal Attack – Half of suppression caused by this unit is converted to kills
  • Double Support – Provides support fire twice for each enemy attack
  • Entrenchment Killer X – Destroys X points of entrenchment with every attack
  • Learns from Mistakes – 3x experience for suffered casualties
  • Counter Battery Fire – Will fire at any attacking artillery units within its firing range
  • Provocator – Adjacent enemies attacking other friendly units will attack this unit instead
  • Vigiliant – Prevents enemies from using unit’s Close Defense rating
  • Distraction – Enemy units next to this unit do not provide support fire
  • Ferocious Defense – Entrenchment of this unit cannot be ignored
  • Ignores ZOC – Ignores zone of control projected by enemy units when moving
  • Superior Manuever – Gets +1 initiative for each point of movement speed advantage over the enemy
  • Combat Luck – Combat Results can never be worse than predicted
  • No Surrender – Unit never surrenders
  • First Strike – Unit always attacks first
  • Zero Slots – Unit slot cost is reduced to zero
  • Tank Killer – +5 attack against tanks
  • Butcher – +5 attack against infantry units
  • Rapid Fire X – Makes X more shots than normal and consequently deals X damage to the target. This trait does not affect ammo spending, the unit still consumes 1 ammo per attack
  • Overrun – Can destroy (Overrun) weakened enemy units without spending move or attack actions. The way it works is, after and overrun attack, move and attack actions of the unit will be replenished
  • Cheap Replacements – Replacements in battle cost as on deployment phase
  • Crippling Blow – +5 Attack against full strength units
  • Fast Deployment – can unmount from organic transport and fire after movement
  • Hit and Run – When attacking, enemy units with the lower initiative do not shoot back
  • Envelopment – Prevents enemy units from retreating, so they surrender instead
  • Overwhelming Attack – Any Damage to enemy units is enough to force them to retreating
  • Avenger – Gets attack bonus for each point of lost strength
  • Flag Killer – +5 Attack when attacking enemy flags
  • Double Move – Unit gets 2 move actions per turn, without increasing the number of movement points
  • Tenacious Defender – +1 defense for each adjacent enemy unit
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