Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Guide to Dx12 Stutter Fix for Windows

Significantly reduces the DX12 Shader Stutter on Windows 10 and 11 by disabling the CFG (Control Flow Guard) security feature.

Dx12 Stutter Fix for Windows

Disable CFG Exploit Protection

  • Open your taskbar and type:
    • “Exploit Protection”
  • Open the Exploit protection system settings shortcut that shows up.
  • Once inside the exploit protection settings page go to “Programme settings”
  • Click “Add programme to customise” and select “Choose exact file path”
  • Navigate to the MidnightSuns-Win64-Shipping.exe file found in your steam library folder and select it.
    • steamapps\common\Marvel’s Midnight Suns\MidnightSuns\Binaries\Win64\MidnightSuns-Win64-Shipping.exe
  • Then scroll down the list until you reach Control flow guard (CFG), make sure that Override system settings are ticked and that you set the toggle to off.
  • Click Apply.
  • Restart your computer to be safe.
  • Now you should have a significantly better experience with the Midnight Suns or any DX12 game with stutter problems as I have found that this fix works for the majority of them.
  • Primarily helps with reoccurring stutter, stuttering leaving menus and the occasional cache flush will still unfortunately cause some stuttering.
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