Foxhole – Guide to Warden Weaponry

The first in a series of guides that I intend to write. Delayed in release by Google’s antics. It’s out now though, so enjoy!

Warden Weaponry Guide

A Guide to Warden Weaponry

The Warden army has access to the best equipment in the world. With such a staggering assortment of tools and firearms, you may find it hard to know where to begin and what weapon you should take into the field. Fear not fair Warden! I am writing this guide for people just like you.

Infantry Weapons, Rifles

There’s nothing like an old-fashioned, reliable rifle to serve by your side. Even in the wake of new weapons being developed, the good old bolt-action rifle remains a mainstay in the Warden arsenal.

No. 2 Loughcaster

The Loughcaster is the standard issue rifle for the Warden infantry. It is a bolt-action rifle that carries twelve rounds in the magazine. It’s a general all-rounder and you can count on it to protect you in most situations, but there are other weapons that are usually better suited to the battlefields of Cavoia.

Blakerow 871

The Blakerow is a carbine that sports a higher firerate than the Loughcaster, but inflicts less damage due to it’s low muzzle velocity. Take the Blakerow if you still need reliable damage at range, but are still in danger of encroaching enemies.

Sampo Auto-Rifle

The Sampo is a primitive assault rifle. Think of it like a fully automatic Loughcaster. The rifle’s damage is good, but it’s accuracy is poor, especially during prolonged periods of fire. Use it to clear trenches and in house-to-house fighting.

The Hangman

The Hangman is a weapon of legends. Being the weapon of choice in the pirate stories we were all told as children. The Hangman is a Heavy rifle, both in damage and physical weight. The rifle can dispatch an enemy rather quickly thanks to it’s 757 Magnum cartridge, albeit at a much shorter range than a long rifle. The Hangman is a revolving rifle which significantly limits the clip size. The Hangman can be best utilized as a substitute for a hard-hitting long rifle, or for the battlefield marksman who likes to shoot first.

Clancy Cinder M3

The Clancy Cinder is a “long rifle” produced by the renowned Clancy company. The rifle sports a longer range and more stopping power than any other rifle, but it’s firing speed is quite slow. This is my personal favorite rifle allotted to the Warden infantry, it’s good for defending entrenched positions and supporting your fellow infantrymen. However, if enemies get too close, you would be better off switching to your pistol.

Clancy Raca M4

The Clancy Raca M4 is a long-range sniper rifle that’s pretty cumbersome to use, but it has it’s niche. That niche is picking off key targets on the battlefield with the aid of it’s powerful scope. Targets can include artillery spotters and operators, commanders, machine gun operators, other snipers, pretty much any stationery target.

Infantry Weapons, Submachine Guns

The soldier of the modern battlefield has the privilege of using exciting new technology that’s just in it’s infancy! Submachine Guns are one such instrument that afford the user unmatched firerate and ease of use on the battlefield.

Fiddler 868

The Fiddler is a fairly rudimentary Submachine Gun. It has twenty five rounds in a clip and a stable firerate. The damage is standard but it’s far from bad. The fiddler is usually readily available in the mid to late war stages. As far as Submachine Guns go, you can’t fail with a Fiddler!

“The Liar”

The Liar is a heavier, more accurate side grade to the Fiddler. While not as adaptable as a Fiddler, The Liar is a submachine gun that can compete with rifles in terms of range. So slow down, take your time to stabilize it, and you’ll be mowing down collies almost as if you had a Ratcatcher right in your pocket!

Infantry Weapons, Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are a relatively new concept of the twentieth century, nevertheless, they are making waves in battles all across Cavoia with their superior firerate and adaptability.

Alato Storm Rifle

The Alato Storm Rifle is a reliable and steady assault rifle that can be depended upon in many situations. It does more damage and has better accuracy than a Submachine Gun, though it affords the user less maneuverability. The Alato is a commendable primary weapon and can have a place in any Warden’s loadout.

Booker Storm Rifle 838

The Booker Storm Rifle fires in bursts of three shots. While this hinders it’s firerate, it aids greatly in control and accuracy. The Booker is a good middle ground between semi and fully automatic for those who need a little of both.

Infantry Weapons, Shotguns

Brasa Shotgun

Originally designed for hunting, the Brasa has also proved itself to be rather adept at taking down larger threats, like Colonials who are none too happy about you trespassing in their trench. The Brasa is a sweeper, clearing out fortifications almost as fast as Green Ash. Outside of these situations, however, the Brasa is almost completely useless.

Infantry Weapons, Secondaries

Sometimes your faithful rifle will run out of ammo, or your trusty Fiddler will be too slow to reload. What is a poor Warden to do? Whip out your trusty secondary of course! Your secondary weapon can be the difference between life or death, but what options do you have? You actually have quite the selection.

Default Pistol

The starting pistols are functionally the same between factions. Reliable, steadfast, and easy to use, the pistol is the go-to for the majority of Wardens.


The Revolver is the sidearm of choice for people who want to pack a punch! Featuring increased stopping power, the revolver is a mainstay of tank commanders and shock troopers all over Cavoia.


The Cascadier is similar to the Default Pistol, except that it fires in three round bursts. This aids in fire volume, but hurts accuracy. Cascadier is usually used if you will be in the passenger seat of a vehicle for a long time. Or as a substitute for the next weapon in this guide…

The Pitch Gun

The Pitch Gun is a Submachine Gun that occupies the secondary slot instead of the primary. The Pitch Gun is used by those who either can’t or can’t afford to bring a primary into battle. Such as tank commanders, combat medics, builders and truck drivers.

The Pitch Gun is a Colonial weapon, but it ends up in the hands of the wardens quite often, so I decided to write about it here.

Heavy Weapons, Machine Guns

Sometimes steady rifle fire won’t cut it. That’s when you need to break out the big guns, namely, the machine guns! These battlefield behemoths can lock out any area with ease. Some can be mounted on a tripod, others can be moved around thanks to their bipod. When you have a lot of Colonials to kill and a short time to do it, a machine gun won’t fail you.

Malone Mk. 2

The Malone is a bipod mounted machine gun that offers more flexibility than it’s tripod mounted cousin, the Ratcatcher. The gun has a magazine of 125 rounds and a brisk firerate. The gun is best put to use in areas where you can’t or shouldn’t mount a tripod or when the situation mandates you move quickly and frequently.

Ratcatcher Mk. 1

The Ratcatcher is the Warden’s mounted machine gun. It fires quickly and fairly accurately. The Ratcatcher is best used in a defensive role, usually on one end of a choke point. All machine guns are most accurate and efficient when fired in bursts. However, the Ratcatcher can be used in the suppressive fire role, in which case, the gun should be continuously fired with very few stops.

Heavy Weapons: Anti-Tank Rifle

Neville Anti-Tank Rifle

The Neville Anti-Tank Rifle is a versatile platform that can be used in many diverse situations. The rifle, while inflicting less damage than a launcher, has a much higher ease of use. For this reason it is favored by guerillas and partisans who operate in unorthodox positions. The rifle is also much cheaper than a launcher, which makes it a go-to for frontline soldiers as well.

Heavy Weapons, Flamethrower

Willow’s Bane 845

The Willow’s Bane is a fearsome foe on the battlefield. It can reduce any Colonial (person or structure) to ash. The flamethrower has a severely limited range, so it’s best to use it in enclosed areas when fighting infantry. If assaulting a structure, look for things that will burn. Don’t waste your fuel on stone, brick, and concrete. It’s best to use flamethrowers as a team, to completely decimate enemy defenses.

Launchers and Explosives

If you see a tank and you don’t want to be seeing a tank, then a Rocket Launcher is the weapon for you. They come in many different forms: Mounted, Unmounted, RPG, ARC/RPG, even AP/RPG. There’s an RPG for every occasion when you serve in the Warden army!

Cutler Launcher

The Cutler Launcher fires standard RPG ammunition and is capable of doing damage to structures and infantry. This makes it good at taking out pillboxes and light bunkers. Against infantry, it’s best to use the Cutler on groups and those behind cover. The Cutler also comes in a mounted version that packs two barrels for twice the devastation! All in all, the Cutler is a reliable RPG that you can count on to blow stuff up.

Bonesaw Mk. 3

The Bonesaw is a potent anti-tank rocket launcher. It’s powerful RPG/ARC round can punch through tanks with ease. However, don’t go launching rockets all willy-nilly. Instead, if possible, attempt to flank your target and hit where the tank’s armor is weaker. Around the sides and back. Armor piercing rounds also have an easier time penetrating if it strikes the target at a right angle. So keep that in mind when positioning. The Bonesaw also comes in a mounted version which is more accurate and has a slightly longer range.

Infantry Light Artillery

The Cremari Mortar is a stunning piece of compact artillery. It affords the user the destructive power and range of artillery, and the portability of a rocket launcher. The Cremari can perform or assist in a multitude of tasks, including: Crowd control, suppressive fire, destroying enemy bunker bases, intelligence, target acquisition, vehicle destruction, providing a convenient alibi to dodge a court marti-

The Cremari is best used just behind the frontline fighting, due to the weapon’s awkward frame. Keep in mind that the different types of artillery shells are to be used only for their intended purpose. HE will not faze infantry and Shrapnel will not damage buildings. Also, for the love of Calahan, be careful with flare shells, I’ve lost too many defensive lines because some buffoon launched the flare too short and illuminated us instead of the enemy.


So there you have it! Useful advice for every weapon available to the Warden infantryman. Remember soldiers, the infantry is the backbone of any military. So go forth! And fight for Calahan!

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