Limbus Company – How to Beat 3-4 (Taboo)

Guide to Beat 3-4 (Taboo)

Chapter 3 is definitely a difficulty spike and a knowledge check.

Blunt damage is the key to dealing with those enemies. The really annoying thing about the K Corp goons at the start of chapter 3 is that they passively heal so if you’re not doing enough damage they’ll just heal back to full.

If most of your current team does slash damage you’ll have to start raising some alternate units. Pretty much everything in chapter 3, excluding some encounters in the dungeon, is weak to blunt damage. If you happen to have R Corp Ishmael she’s a great pick for the entire chapter. Otherwise the base (LCB) IDs for Faust, Heath and Meur work well enough. You can also just borrow R Corp Ishmael from someone else if you haven’t gotten her yet. The support function is kinda hidden in this game so I’ll include a short explanation about how to use it at the end of my post.

The other thing to consider is how uptied your units are. The base 1* LCB IDs and EGOs get uptied to tier 3 automatically after you clear chapter 2 so they might be better than whoever you’re using. Upgrading a unit to T2 unlocks their second skill and first passive. Upgrading a unit to T3 upgrades both skill 1, skill 2 AND unlocks both skill 3 (a unit’s most powerful attack) and the unit’s other passive. It costs a lot of thread, but it’s very worth it. If you’ve been sitting on your thread for some reason, you might want to consider spending that to uptie whoever you plan to use for chapter 3.

You may also need to level your team up too. The first two chapters will let you get away with being underleveled, but for chapter three I would really recommend making sure your team meets the level requirement for each stage. You’ll probably want most of your team at level 30 to deal with the dungeon at the end of chapter anyway so you may want to put the story on hold for now and start spending your energy/stam/Enk on the EXP ticket stage instead.

As a final note on chapter 3 and minor spoiler: the boss of chapter 3’s dungeon has a NASTY passive that hard counters bleed and burn effects (this includes N Corp IDs, since their signature “nail” effect causes bleed even if their moves don’t). So, if your main squad focuses on spamming either of those effects PLEASE make sure you include some other IDs in your squad that don’t inflict Bleed or Burn. Otherwise you’ll be in for a REAL bad time when you arrive at that boss. Bleed and Burn is fine to use throughout the rest of the dungeon though.

So, about support units…

After you’ve friended someone you can bring one of their support units with you into battle as a temporary replacement for one of yours.

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