DREDGE – Hooded Figures Map

Here is a map of the hooded figures and every fish they require to complete their quests.


Right now these are timed quests, but I’m hoping in the future they remove the hidden timer. Map is a heavy alteration of a map I found that only had the location of the hooded figures.

The dot is a location of the fish. Crab pots have a square instead of a dot. These are not the only location of these fish, just one of the locations close to a port.

The Map

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Red Figure

Red Figure is at 14-L.

1. Cusk EelVolcanicNightRod/TrawlDevil’s Spine
2. SailfishOceanDayRod/TrawlThe Marrow
3. Frilled SharkVolcanicDay/NightRodDevil’s Spine

Violet / Purple Figure

Violet / Purple Figure is at 10-E.

1. TarponShallowDay/NightRod/TrawlTwisted Strand
2. Horseshoe CrabCrabDay/NightCrab Pot 0-10CMTwisted Strand
3. BarreleyeAbyssalDay/NightRodStellar Basin

Blue Figure

Blue Figure is at 7-M.

1. Blue MackerelCoastalDayRod/TrawlThe Marrows
2. Tiger MackerelCoastalDayRod/TrawlGale Cliffs
3. Snake MackerelCoastalDay/NightRod/TrawlDevil’s Spine

Gold / Yellow Figure

Gold / Yellow Figure is at 2-K.

1. Red SnapperCoastalDayRod/TrawlStellar Basin
2. FangtoothAbyssalDay/NightRodStellar Basin
3. Blue CrabCrabDay/NightCrab Pot 0-5CMStellar Basin

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