Left 4 Dead 2 – Genius Logistic Tricks (How to Dupe Items)

This guide wil teach you ways to dupe items from infinite/multiple resources (like tank challenge supplies) and carry more stuff at a time, this is especially cruical for maps like back 4 glub and certain survival maps.

How to Dupe Items from Infinite / Multiple Resources

Drag along 2 or more items

First, aim at the item you want to drag. (If the weapon(s) you wish to drag are the same as the one you have equipped, it must have different upgrades (Harder to do with secondaries because you cant equip upgrades).

Then, repeadetly spam your interact key (default “E”) while keeping your aim at the item and walk backwards to the place you want to stash your weapons at. Your item must be different compared to the ones you are dragging, refer to the bold text.

Push physics props

Use the same item drag trick as above, but face at a physical prop in a way that the items you drop collide with the prop. Might be patched in TLS update


Clone weapons

You won’t have the ability to do this quickly in any maps aside from tank challenge.

Example weapon is M16. First, equip a laser for your M16, then pick up a M16 from an infinite M16 source.

Then equip a laser for it, repeat for infinite M16s you can fall back on to do instant reloads, you can also drag them around and spread them across the map so you never run out of bullets

Clone medicine and grenades

Easy, just make sure you dont have the same as the item you want to dupe, pick up your old item from the ground and repeat if there arent other items nearby.

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