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So, it literally does not matter what settings you change in the game. Even with Digital Foundry’s helpful video. What I think is going on, is some kind of bug where the game automatically continues to change screen modes.

By doing the typical Alt+Enter, does put the game in full screen and therefore has a huge jump in performance, but only temporarily before being “reset” somehow to a different mode and seeing frame rate dip back down into the 50’s on a 4090.

The Dynamic Scaling options must have an impact on this. If I jump back to say Windowed mode with Alt+Enter, frame rate jumps back up to 110+ again on 1440p.

I’m not sure how else to get the screen mode to stick, but just giving you all a possible work around that seems make a difference for me.

Surely I can find the INI file somewhere and see if I can edit it there and make it read only so that these piss poor in-game settings can stop reversing themselves in game.

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  1. This might be the issue I have been experiencing where my framerate would literally halve after using Rewind or pausing the game. This only happens with the unlocked framerate though. Using the 60 FPS or 60 FPS (V-Sync) option seems to fix the issue, at least during my brief testing last night.

    Here is how bad it was: Barcelona-Catalunya Class-E Rival event with a Mini Cooper, a solo race against a time gave me 24 fps when it loaded to the track with the unlocked framerate option. I restarted the game, selected the same track but this time got around 48 fps, which still much lower than expected, after playing 7 races in the Career mode and getting 80-100 fps.

    So, I switched from Unlocked (V-Sync) to 60 FPS (V-Sync) without even restarting the game (which seems to be mandatory if you change ANY of the other graphics settings in my experience) and it went to a locked 60 fps on the same event with the same track and car!!! I completed the event twice and it was 60 fps throughout whereas previously the framerate would hover around 20-24 or 44-50 fps in two bugged attempts.

    I think something is bugged somewhere. I read that disabled DPI scaling for the Forza executable can improve/fix things although I have not yet had the chance to try this.

    P.S. I am playing at maxed out, including RT, 1440p settings with DLAA. My PC is an i5-13600KF, 32 GB DDR4 3600, RTX 4080 FE, Windows 11 Pro 23H2 and I am using the latest 537.42 graphics driver.

  2. Yes there is something weird going on with the screen mode.

    My monitor even went into sleep mode after 30 minutes because it didn’t see forza as an activity apparently…

    I doesn’t properly recognise the wheel (g29) as a proper input I think because that happens when only using the wheel (also for the menus) for a period.
    Using the mouse in the menus does keep the screen awake.

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