Left 4 Dead 2 – Give Items to Teammates Faster (Script)

Normally when you want to give Adrenaline/Pills to your teammates during gameplay, you’ll have to switch to the item, go to teammate and MOUSE2 in order to give the item to your teammate. But with this script you can just go to teammate and press one button to give them the item and save as much time as possible.

The Bind

alias +give "slot5; +attack2"
alias -give "-attack2"
bind g "+give"

Note: You can have any other keys instead of “G” (must be unbound) to bind to it.

In this case, I used “G”. Thus, I will only need to go to a teammate and press G and Adrenaline/Pills will be instantly given to them and I will automatically switch to my primary weapon, ready to fight.


  • Go to your Steam folder/userdata/[a folder that must be named your steam username]/550/remote/cfg and open the config.cfg file using notepad.
  • Copy and paste the bind/script/whatever you call it inside it.
  • Save the .cfg file.

Very Important: Make sure you save the config.cfg file with “Read-only” check on. Otherwise, you’ll have to copy and paste the script inside the game console every time you launch your game in order for it to work properly.

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