Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – How to Make ALB Damage Good in Late Game

In late game, ALBs damage makes almost no difference to enemies… Until now! Welcome to the ultimate ALB damage guide!

Guide to ALB Damage


While in the early game ALBs are great, effectively playing for you, killing enemies and getting you even more resources, even being a key factor in getting past the celestial wall…

But then we get to the tower and further, where ALBs are only good for blowing leaves into enemies. How can we fix this? Good question! The answer is simple.

Optimizing ALB Damage

Now the answer may seem obvious, but most people don’t seem to realize that there is an easy way to make ALBs do more than blow. You can make them little rolling assassins. How? The most magical material on the planet of course!


Just tape a leaf onto the front of all your ALBs and BAM! No more enemy problems!


To anyone wondering if there is a real way to make ALB damage good in late game, I don’t think there is one currently, but hopefully that will change because tape isn’t really that common in LBR.

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