Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Acrophobia In 20 Minutes (Halo 3)

This Skull’s acquisition period is limited from July 14th to July 29th 2020!

The Acrophobia Skull essentially gives Master Chief the ability to fly and freely explore any level you so choose. I will give you the rundown of how to get it quickly and easily.

“Defeat flying enemies in Halo 3 Campaign or Mission Playlists to unlock the brand-new Acrophobia Skull.”

Acrophobia Guide

Note: Credit goes to Minds


The Skull can only be obtained during the time frame of July 14th to July 29th 2020, you have been warned procrastinators.

This Skulls challenge, while the amount of flying enemies needed to be killed is rather low, doing a full play-through on Legendary got me just under half of what is required. So doing a regular play-through and coming back can help you along the progress, but you will still need to farm.

In-case you weren’t aware of what this skull does, It gives you the ability to fly. So you may freely explore any mission you want, and provides a mixup to the general gameplay loop.

The Skull can only be obtained during the time frame of July 14th to July 29th 2020, This is your final warning.

Mission setup & Progress

From the main menu, load up the mission ‘Crow’s Nest’ on Rally Point Alpha with Normal difficulty, it cannot be done on Easy.

Play through the mission as normal until you get to the hangar defending section, beat it and then grab one of the mounted Turrets located on the second or first flight of stairs leading to the hangar bay itself.

Once you have the turret, continue through the level back to the Barracks, where the Swarm of Drones has broken through the pipes.

At this point, you want to unload all the lead the turret’s got into the Drones (There should be around 30 of them) It’s also worth noting that while you farm the Skull you will work toward kill milestones for other challenges, that provide Season Points, Which is a nice bonus

Keep spawn-killing the ugly bastards until you’re done! as you work through the challenge you will be updated incrementally by the tracker, it should only take you 20 minutes or so.

It sounds easy enough to get the Skull but I hope to inform at least someone new, or maybe someone who has procrastinated to the point of having no choice but to use the quickest method possible.

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