Hades 2 – How to Unlock Familiars

Find out where the Hades II small people are and what you need to do to recruit them.

What Is a Familiar?

A Familiar is like your trusty sidekick in the game. They fight alongside your character, Melinoë, in battles against Chronos, giving her passive boosts and making her look adorable while doing it. Plus, they can lend her tools she doesn’t have equipped to make each expedition count.

How to Find Them?

To find a Familiar, you might need to unlock and perform the Woodsy Lifespring Incantation. After that, keep your eyes peeled while exploring Erebus – you might spot a cat. Interact with it whenever you come across it.

Once you’ve battled Hecate a few times and she brings up Familiars, she’ll give you a new Incantation. Use it, and you’ll get a Witch’s Delight.


Enter Frinos, the first Familiar you’ll meet. You can find him hanging out at the spawn point in the Crossroads. Don’t forget to give him that Witch’s Delight you just whipped up if you’ve been following along with this guide.


First things first, make sure you’ve performed the necessary incantations to explore the surface and survive it. Got that? Good.

Next up, have a chat with Chaos until they cough up an Incantation for you.

Perform that Incantation pronto. You’ll need it for Chaos Trials – no skipping those.

Now, head over to the cauldron’s Alchemy tab and whip up some Beast-Loved Morsels. And hey, I’m calling them cookies ’cause that’s just easier, right? No offense to Mel, but who wants to say “Beast-Loved Morsels” all the time? Not me.

Once you’ve got your cookies made, head up to the surface. When you hit the docks after smacking down that Cyclops, keep your eyes peeled for Toula. And what does Toula want? You guessed it – a cookie. Give it to the cat, and watch the magic happen.

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  1. To trigger Hecate’s dialogue about familiars, you need to use all the crafting items and weapons at least once. Even after defeating Chronos and Eris more than 10 times, the dialogue didn’t appear. It was only after using the tablet, which you had never used before, that Hecate finally gave you the dialogue.
    This information is helpful for players who may be wondering why they haven’t received the dialogue despite progressing through the game and defeating bosses multiple times. The key is to make sure you’ve used each crafting item and weapon at least once, including easily overlooked items like the tablet.

  2. To obtain familiars, you must defeat Hekate while in possession of all the necessary tools.

  3. I hadn’t yet accessed the surface when I first saw Toula in the Erebus Fountain Chamber in the left corner.

  4. Never saw the cat, and after defeating Hecate x times, performed the well-known spell. I’m fairly certain that the cat serves as an adequate trigger.

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