Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – Blacklisted Ending Guide

A guide on how to get the blacklisted ending in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator.

How to Get the Blacklisted Ending


Spoilers (obviously)

The blacklisted ending of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator is the hardest of the 6 endings you can get in the game. Getting this ending awards the player with the “You’ve been blacklisted” certificate and is necessary for 100% completion. I am unsure whether you need the certificate of completion to get this ending.

Follow the following guide and if you don’t already have the certificate of completion, you should be able to get in on Saturday and then continue your save and just replay the office section to get the blacklisted ending. I have also heard that if you try to get this ending before getting the bankruptcy ending, it can crash your game when you try to get the bankruptcy ending and it can reset your achievements. In order to get this ending, the player must end the week with a total of 50 or more risk.

Risk is a stat in the simulator that measures how dangerous your pizzeria is. You can gain risk by placing down risky attractions and animatronics. The max amount of risk you can usually get is 39 meaning you will have to buy marked down items to get an extra 11 risk.

Important: never quit the game at the beginning of the day segment. From my own experience I have found that it will make it so there are no marked down items. If you wish to quit the game always do it at the end of a day right before you do the office section.

Here is a spreadsheet I used to help keep track and outline what I needed.

Don’t take any sponsorships because you will have all the animatronics in your vents by Saturday. You will need to spend money to unlock better catalogs which will have riskier items, animatronics, and better marked down items. Items that automatically get placed in the pizzeria will never give you risk even if the item is marked down meaning you can buy these items to unlock catalogs without taking the chance of missing out on a good marked down item.


Start the week by buying the discount ball pit. The ball pit is just to make money and since there will be multiple chances later to buy marked down things, it’s ok to buy the ball pit. Use 1 or 2 tokens on the ball pit until you earn $100. Use the new money to buy the double stage. Buying the double stage will now unlock the second catalog.

Play a few more games on the ball pit until you have enough money to buy Midnight motorist. This should be the last attraction you buy that isn’t marked down until you save up enough money to buy the basket ball game. Spend tokens on Midnight Motorist to earn money and continue spending money on items that will never give you risk (these are the items that are automatically placed down like the stages, speakers, and stage lights). Try to unlock the third catalog before ending the day and always make sure to spend all your tokens. Make it through the night section but be careful because even if you don’t place down anything risky, you will still have 3 or 7 risk depending on the day.

This liability risk can make it so that animatronics can be in the building even on night 1. After getting through the night you can choose to salvage Molten Freddy. If you have trouble during the office section, no worries. I was still able to get the blacklisted ending without any salvages. If you are comfortable with the office section then the extra money definitely helps.


If you have enough money you can buy either the basketball hoops or the fruit punch clown. I recommend getting the basketball hoops but if you’d rather make more money and are ok with the time it takes you can choose the fruit punch clown. One tip for the basketball hoops: click space as soon as it says “Go!!!” and you should get an extra free point.

If you don’t have enough money for the basketball hoops, play a few rounds of Midnight Motorist to get enough money. After that you can spend all your tokens on basketball. Now you can look through the catalog and buy any attraction or animatronic that is marked down (Important: Don’t buy anything with health and safety even if it’s marked down). You can also buy more items that are automatically placed down as described before. This will help your rating and help you make money.

After buying anything you can that’s marked down and spending all your tokens you can end the day. If you want to play it safe and have the least interaction with animatronics, don’t place anything with risk down. If you don’t care you can keep everything so that you can get more money but it also has a greater chance of giving you lawsuits. Make it through the office section and buy any upgrades you can with any spare money you can afford. Then you can choose to salvage Scraptrap for the extra money.


Continue buying marked down items and playing basketball hoops. If you need extra money, try getting the money from the achievements for placing down animatronics. This could be a risk though because if you buy the animatronics they could become marked down later and you won’t be able to get that risk. You also need to have the floor plan fully upgraded and have the deluxe concert stage and the star stage. Try to unlock catalog 4 by this day and if you buy anything you can that’s marked down.

Eventually you can get the 11 extra risk and play the game more relaxed but that might not be until later days. You can track your risk using the spreadsheet I have linked. Also note that you can get 11 extra risk from marked down items but it might not be enough because there’s only room for 8 attractions and 5 animatronics. Just make sure to be careful and continue to buy marked down items. Make it through the office section and buy the upgrades if you can spare extra money. After that you can choose to salvage Scrap Baby.


Continue the same routine buy buying marked down items and playing basketball hoops. Eventually you’ll buy the gravity vortex, hopefully it will be marked down at some point but if it’s not by Saturday, it’s still better than anything with less than 5 risk.

After you buy the gravity vortex, you can spend your tokens on that. If you’re good enough you can make some good money (and it’s a lot more fun). Make it through the office section and buy upgrades if you can. After the office section you have the choice to salvage Lefty. You should really consider salvaging Lefty on this day. You’ll have to deal with him eventually so getting the extra money is really nice.


Continue the same routine and if you salvaged Lefty, you can buy him on this day. Lefty will never give any extra risk if he’s marked down so you can buy him whenever. If you have other rockstar animatronics you can try to get the bonus $20,000 but be careful again because the animatronics can get marked down on the next day. After buying everything you can and spending all your tokens you can end the day and make it through the office section.


This is the final day so make sure you have enough risk to get up to 50 by the end of the day. Continue to make money if you need and place everything down. If your risk is 50 or higher you can get the ending. It is possible to get unlucky and not get enough items to make it to 50 risk. If that happens you’ll have to restart. End the day and make it through the office section and you should be able to get the ending.

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  1. For anyone having trouble with the hoops: here is my strategy, first, when the game starts, count to six, right as you get to six press space, this gives you some wiggle room to mess up later, then, try to keep in a rhythm, making sure to get the front end on the green bar, this should give your even more wiggle room, and thats about it.

  2. Instead of purchasing carnival hoops, purchase the fruit punch clown, as it is simpler to win the jackpot with a faz-rating of 11,800 per game if you score flawlessly.
    If you’re skilled enough, try your hand at the space vortex game. If you survive, it will not only raise your overall liability risk but also net you more than 20,000 points on average.
    Fantastic Guide

  3. Lefty will not make you liable. 9. Even if it states that waiting until he is one dollar is the wisest course of action before purchasing to increase your liability

  4. You neglected to mention one more thing. There are occasions when the Security Doors are discounted, but if you buy them, your liability will immediately return to zero. Still, excellent guide!

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