Sea of Thieves – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Don’t use fire if you’re not boarding the enemy ship, you only burn your teammate and reduce the area they can use to fight their enemies, burning takes about 1 minute to 80 seconds to make 1 hole (if the fire is next to a wall otherwise it just spreads)… when cannons takes about 2 seconds.

Don’t crash into the enemy ship, you make it easier for them to board you, and if the enemy ship has a teammate boarding them you might make them get stuck or fall off.

Stop pretending you’re an anime character: Just because you think you have strong will and you convinced yourself you’re fearless doesn’t inmediatelly makes you stronger or more experienced than your enemy, instead gather info about them before engaging and learn to judge if it’s worth it.

Don’t send people to jail “just in case” or as a “vote kick”, it will only end up bad for yourself if the person deceides to stay. Especially if you demand them to leave because your friend wants to get in, you only let people know they ruining your day by just staying in your ship.

Instead just sell everything lower emissary and leave. “You either sell and give me free money, scuttle, or sail around until someone else sinks you. I win no matter what”

If you do manage to board an enemy ship always put some type of food on their stove. They never look, and it’ll start a great distraction fire. It’s like a slow fuse.

Buy the barrel emote from Larinna outside the bar.

Be kind to open crew members, give them some leeway. But never tolerate abusive behavior.

Whenever possible, have at least one blunderbomb on hand. It can help you deter a boarder, deny a repair attempt, or even negate dying from fall damage if you throw it just before impact. Better to be hurt than dead.

There are more than a few quirks of terrain (read: reefs and shipwrecks) that are great if you are on a sloop trying to screw over a brig or galleon. A surprisingly high number of pursuers don’t know a damned thing about ship sizes and which areas are safe, and which areas can damage or even strand their ship.

The only players who actually have the luxury of fighting fairly are doing so as a handicap. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re in the top percentile. If you can press your advantage with a curseball, or even by eating bait and vomiting on your foes – take it.

If you are having a hard time with “X marks the spot” maps, consider firing yourself straight up out of a cannon. Being able to look at the island directly from above is very helpful.

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  1. Before heading to the high seas, novices can improve their skills and proficiency in safer waters.

  2. None at all for getting ganged up on when selling booty on the first island? And when you resurrect on your ship and are immediately one-shot, how do you counter gangers? And then you hit Sink the Ship, and then you’re one-shotted again and suddenly you’re in the middle of nowhere with your gangers, your loot, and a fricking mermaid. Any advice on that matter? Regards. Exploration mode is required for this game.

    • If you dock and disembark from a ship on an island during a player-versus-player match, you lose. That was the error, and it’s why the ship sank along with the treasure.

      When you’re positive you’ve lost, scrabble to save time.

  3. Miss:
    -Be vigilant and keep an eye on other ships.
    -Always drop anchor except during emergence and storm
    -Try not to be greedy and secure your loot.

  4. Be mindful of your sails! Make sure your sail is perpendicular to the incoming wind when sailing into the wind, not slammed to one side. Many crews make the mistake of setting their sail perpendicular to the wind, which reduces speed.

    Sword dashing, which involves holding the block while attacking with the cutlass, is incredibly helpful. You can leap to a great height at the end of the dash. For boarding attempts, it’s best to use off the side of the ship as you maintain your momentum when you hit the water and it’s much more stealthy because you don’t have to shoot yourself out of a cannon.

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