Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – Strategy Guide

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator - Strategy Guide
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator - Strategy Guide

This is my strategy for FNaF 6. Please be aware that I used this strategy on one animatronic only, therefore I do not know if it will work on more than one animatronic.

Your Tools

In your office you have a monitor in front of you, on it are four tabs. These tabs are: Tasks, Motion D., Audio, and Vent. I will be going over what each one does.

Tool #1: Tasks

This tool allows you to complete the night. When clicked, it brings up more tabs that show different types of tasks that you have to do. Each one has different amount of time consumption and sound emission.

Tool #2: Motion Detector

This is by far one of the most important tools in your arsenal. This one scans the perimeter and shows a /! sign anywhere it detects movement.

Tool #3: Audio

This one is also a very important tool. It allows you to lure any animatronics in it’s sound radius, which is about three vent spaces by three vent spaces. It also allows you to see animatronics in the radius, making it sort of a miniaturized motion detector with luring capabilities. You can also leave it on, like the rest of the tools. There’s one downside to this one though. Sometimes the animatronics cant hear it, or wont go to it because your terminal is making too much noise, and it’s luring them to you. So, to counter this, I would recommend that whenever an animatronic just isn’t going to the sound, just turn off your ventilation for a bit, until the animatronic goes there.

Tool #4: Silent Ventilation

This tool is a bit hard to use, and, to some, useless. What it does is it makes it so that when you turn off the normal ventilation, it makes the temperature go up more slowly. In some cases even down. And it’s silent, obviously. I can’t really figure out anything to do with it.


Two more things used to protect you are the terminal and ventilation buttons. Let me start off with the more important button. The ventilation button turns off the ventilation, which allows you to hear things better and makes the animatronics not be lured to your office anymore. The only downside to this is that the temperature goes up when the ventilation is off. Once the temperature gets high enough, you can pass out, ending the game. The other button is the terminal button. This button turns off the monitor. This supposedly makes the animatronics less aggressive.


This one is pretty simple. It’s a light that helps you see and makes anything in the vents go away (when you flash it at the vent with the animatronic in it). That’s basically it.

My Strategy

Yay, Finally! The part all of you have been waiting for.

My Strategy:

  • Turn off the ventilation, and then Scan using the motion detector, and find out where he/she is.
  • Switch over to the Audio tab, and use the audio to lure the animatronic as far away as you can get it.
  • Do a task, and when you do it, turn the ventilation back on.
  • After the one task, turn the terminal and the ventilation off, and just listen and look back and forth.
  • After you do this for a bit, turn the power and ventilation back on.
  • Rinse and repeat.

If the animatronic is in one

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