For The King II – How to Make Game Easier

First time writer but hope this post help first time players and players who are struggling to progress through campaign.

How to Make Game a Lot More Forgiving


For the king 2 offers a lot of really interesting armor and equipment choices but I find that evasion is the most broken thing in the game, making your “Effective Health” insane.

Let me explain in more detail: it’s quite hard to get both physical and magical resistances to mitigate the damage increase through monster levels and also it’s hard to have all immunities.

The evasion makes your character dodge attacks/curses completely if you get your evasion rating above 50, and it’s not even hard to get evasion to 50 with new items that gives 20+ evasion.

The best strategy I found is that you get your front lane as much evasion as you can and get shied so you can give person behind a buff.

The only downside of this is that some enemies have AOE magic damage but if you play 1 physical and 1 magical comp it’s not that big of a problem.

Look for These Things


Try to look for items with high evasion as shown below:

If you can find Sanctum of Shadow shrine it will boost your early game and can save from death for the cost of shrine buff

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