For The King II – Introduction to Focus (CBT)

Whether it’s ensuring a triumphant victory in combat against a wave of the Queen’s corrupt vanguard or narrowly dodging traps embedded deep within the depths of the dungeons of Fahrul. No matter the challenge, Focus will help you and your party make the best of a bad situation!

Focus Guide


Focus makes its glorious return in For the King 2, providing you and your party with the edge you need with combat, encounters, traps, and more! For those new to For the King, Focus is a resource to be spent throughout a campaign that allows you to tip the scales in your favour.

By spending a point of Focus, you can add a guaranteed roll to any skill or combat check, or give yourself some extra movement spaces on the overworld.

There’s no limit to the amount you can add to any roll, besides the amount you have left—but remember! You should always consider your options carefully before spending Focus to avoid finding yourself in a sticky situation with no divine intervention to come to your aid.

You can, however, sleep soundly knowing Focus can be regenerated. Whether by Meditating in Town or at Camp, with a Golden Root, or with a Trait like Deep Thinker, which grants you a full Focus restoration upon level-up.


As with For the King 1, we wanted Focus to still be able to sway the odds in your favour. With FTK2 we’ve expanded that with new skills, spells, and the combat grid to make Focus just as important, but with a whole bunch more features to keep things fresh and exciting!

All combat skills will grant you the opportunity to spend some Focus. If your attack, spell, or skill could make or break this run then now’s the time to spend it! Whether it’s ensuring your Blacksmith can cast Taunt successfully to keep your allies out of the enemy’s crosshairs.

Or that clutch area spell that could just take out the entire enemy lineup if it does maximum damage!

With just a little time in FTK2, you’ll quickly find that Focus can add layers to combat—especially when Focus used in combat might just leave you hanging out to dry when you get into your next encounter and need just a little more of a push to cross the finish line.


Each encounter that spawns on the overworld has a stat associated with its skill check. From Strength and Speed to Intelligence and Talent, these stats will set the challenge—and your odds of victory.

But even the dullest blade can still cause harm! With Focus you’ll get a guaranteed successful roll.

If you’re really feeling the pressure you can add as many Focus points as you have. From disarming traps to making friends with the local wildlife, Focus can help you settle the score with the corrupt Queen and her entourage by giving you the chance to secure the extra treasure, companions, restoration, and more to help in your fight.


But Focus doesn’t stop providing benefits with just combat and encounters. While traveling on the overworld you can use Focus points to add movement to your counter.

It may seem like a waste when compared with a guaranteed hit or skill check victory, but you may find yourself just one hex away from the safety of a warm inn—or perhaps that Goblin just one hex away deserves vanquishing and one more round is simply too long to wait!

Using Focus for movement is a great way to close the gap on objectives too, especially when you’re racing against the clock with the Chaos meter.

Remember, Focus might not be finite, but it can be hard to get it restored effectively depending on where you and your party find yourselves. In the deepest depths of a dungeon, you may not have a toasty Inn or camp to snuggle up in, so be warned and keep your wits about you!

Safe travels, Adventurers~

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