Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Optimized Settings Guide

Perfect settings for performance mainly for integrated graphics but differential discrete graphics settings are also mentioned.

Optimized Settings

Tested on a 1165g7 32 gb of ram 16gb going to the igpu with 320 mb page file.

These settings get 22 FPS consistently on the final battle in challenge mode. weapons are switched in real time.

Resolution 720p raising the resolution decreases FPS dramatically I wouldn’t have thought it would with 32gb of ram and 16gb of ram going to the integrated graphics but it does.

Window mode fullscreen performance seems to be better than exclusive fullscreen but sometimes the image isnt scaled correctly if using fullscreen mode. if getting scaling issues switch back and forth between exclusive fullscreen and fullscreen.

Upscale Method Xess
Upscale Ultra Quality

Texture quality low I originally had this at high and I was getting good FPS but I didn’t notice a difference visually. I expected this setting to work well on intel xe graphics but ratchet and clank rift apart on integrated graphics doesn’t always update the texture quality or I may be blind. I inevitably experienced a crash when having it set to high textures. if you have discrete graphics high may work for you. but a lot of people apparently have had to switch to medium. if you have a 4060 ti 16gb set this to high. if you have an 8gb or 6gb gpu set to low there are other settings that can improve the visuals.

Texture filtering trilinear im not sure about this setting its probably best to let your graphics driver implement the texture filtering intels will tell you the performance hit of applying high texture filtering through the driver.

Shadow quality dramatically reduces FPS on integrated graphics. I think discrete graphics have less of a problem with this setting. I have it set to very low. but you may very well want it set to high.

Depth of field off some people get this confused with level of detail. Its more of a performance hit then its worth.

Level of Detail Very Low
Traffic Density Low

Hair quality very high on integrated graphics you may have to set to high as very high causes glitches in textures even in places that aren’t hair. for example scarfs.

Ambient Occlusion XeGTAO

Screen space reflections integrated graphics excel at using screen space reflections for some reason high

Weather Particle Quality Low
Field of view -25

Sharpness 10 also really improves the look of the image.

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