Golfie – 100% Achievement Guide

Guide on how to obtain all achievements for Golfie.

How to Get All Achievements

Finish on par.

Pretty straight forward, finish a hole on par (use all of the strokes given to you).

Hole in one!
Get a hole in one.

Finish a hole using only one stroke. Sometimes you get an easy first hole that can be done in just one stroke, otherwise there are cards like “Cheater” that lets you make strokes without counting as a stroke.

All In
Play at least 6 cards in a single turn.

Play 6 or more cards in a single turn. Perks like “Heat sink”, lets you play more cards, by not adding heat from the cards.

Full Course
Complete 18 holes in a run.

Play a full 18 hole course in Casual/normal/challenge, without going over the holes strokes, and you will get this achievement.

Dress Up
Equip one non-default customization in each category.

Cosmetics are free in this game, and is obtained from leveling up and completing challenges. Equip a cosmetic in each section (Note: the recolour of the base ball does not count).

Build a deck with at least 20 different cards.

Cards can be obtained in the blue crystals, in the shops or after getting a hole in one (or better).
Simply pick a bunch of different cards, be sure that you have unlocked more than 20 cards (by level 20 you should have unlocked every card).

Defeat Golfoe.

Beat the last level (hole 18).

Complete 50
Complete 50 Floating Islands/Dungeon/Cherry Garden/Beach holes.

Complete 50 of each type of hole, and recieve the achievements, you have to make a par or better for the hole to count.

Hole in… None?
Get a hole in none.

Complete a hole without using a single stroke. This can be done by either using the “Cheater” card that lets you make a stroke without counting, or by using “Energy converter” that lets you get an additional 5 strokes.

Shopping Spree
Buy all items in a shop.

Clean out an entire shop. It takes around 100-200 gold to clear out a complete shop (unless you have modified the prices with membership cards).

Use the ‘Cheater’ card 3 turns in a row.

You get the Cheater card at level 20, and for the achievement you have to use it 3 turns in a row, so you either need a couple of them in your deck, otherwise you can use “Scavenger” (lets you pick a card from the discard pile) or “Fabricate” (lets you create any card, by discarding 2 cards).

Obtain at least 20 different perks in a single run.

Buy 20 different perks in a single run, an easy way to complete this is in the Shopping spree challenge (where you have an overflow of gold) or when going for Dad’s credit card (other achievement).

Go Big or Go Home
Use 4 ‘Inflate’ cards in one turn.

Use 4 inflate cards in a single turn/hand, it’s a good idea to have atleast 2-3 of the cards in your deck, but you can also use “Fabricate” to make it, and I personally used “Reboot” and “Secret Stash” to make sure I got all the inflate cards in one turn/hand.

Dad’s Credit Card
Buy something in the shop for 0 coins.

A little trickier, you will have to get enough Membership cards (perk), that items in the shop appear to cost 0 coins, for me this happened at 12 Membership cards at hole 35 in endless mode.

Gain at least 1000 coins in a single run.

Atleast at the time of writing this guide, you need to have 1000 coins at once available, it’s not enough to collect 1000 (where you have used coins but overall collected 1000). A tip is to use the card “Sellout” and to beware of buying Stonks (perk) as this will reset your progress.

Complete all challenges.

Beat all the challenges in the game, as of writing this Guide there are 11 challenges. Can’t give much of a guide to the challenges, but can give tips.

  • Bring The Heat (Medium)
  • Tip: Get perks such as Overheat, Reactor Core or Surge protection early on, you can also restart untill you get one of those as your starting perk.
  • Bounce Ballad (Hard)
  • Tip: Be very careful with every shot, and try and see if you can start with Generator, giving you power shot every hand.
  • Double Damage (Medium)
  • Tip: Just be careful
  • Action Arsenal (Medium)
  • Tip: Starting with Generator or getting it early is a big help.
  • Rusty Old Reactor (Easy)
  • Tip: More or less the same challenge as “Bring the heat”, however you start with 2 Heat sinks.
  • Moon Mania (Medium)
  • Tip: Be aware that the ball flies alot more in this course, can be a help to some, as you can sometimes make bigger shortcuts.
  • Bogey Bomb (Hard)
  • Tip: Energy Converter, can be a lifesaver in this challenge.
  • Quantum Tunneling (Easy)
  • Tip: Getting Generator and Heat sink, helps alot
  • Shopping Spree (Medium)
  • Tip: If you start with Surge protection or get it in the first shop, you are gonna have a good time, other than that, be careful not to go all the way down to 1 energy/health with sellout.
  • Builder Bonanza (Hard)
  • Tip: Generator helps, other than that you will have to get used to the speed and jump of the building cards.
  • Wild Run (Annoying)
  • Tip: like most other challenges, starting with generator is a big help.

Collect 10.000 coins.

The fastest way is probably to just replay the challenge Shopping spree over and over.

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