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Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Invincible support ultra widescreen resolutions?

The Invincible fully supports widescreen resolutions, however on ultra widescreens – due to the narrow FOV of first-person perspective – you may see black stripes. We plan to better optimize the game on ultra wide resolutions after the release.

Does The Invincible run well on Steam Deck?

The Invincible is Steam Deck Verified, so yes, it should run well on it.

Does The Invincible support Steam Cloud?

The Invincible now supports Steam Cloud.

Does The Invincible support GeForce Now?

Yes, it does. The update on GeForce Now list of supported games should appear on November 10 (CEST).

Does The Invincible use ray tracing or path tracing?

The Invincible does not use the RTX technology or path tracing.

Will The Invincible come out on Mac OS or Linux?

We are considering releasing The Invincible on different OS after the Windows release.

Will The Invincible be released on VR?

We are considering releasing the game in the VR version.

What languages does The Invincible support?

  • English (with full voice-overs on the release)
  • Polish (we plan to add full voice-overs after the release)
  • French, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese (simplified), Portuguese-brazilian, Russian (user interface and subtitles)

We also plan to add a Japanese translation in the future.

What about the game’s accessibility level?

We want to make The Invincible experience as accessible to people as possible, so we are open to your ideas on how to improve it. You can propose them on Steam, on our Discord or other social media channels of our studio, Starward Industries.

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