Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – How to Save After 6:00 AM (Glitch)

In the current state of FNAF: Security Breach, it is extremely buggy and exploitable. Using a bug that happens naturally, you can trick the game into thinking it is 5:15 A.M. while not resetting your missions!

Guide to Save After 6:00 AM

Starting 6 A.M.

Once you have beaten the main game, when Freddy asks you if you want to stay, tell him you do, this initiates 6 A.M. mode, and you will getting a popup telling you that saving and recharge stations are no longer available.

Doing The Glitch

Once you have gotten to 6:00 A.M. and can roam freely, head back to Roxy Raceway, and back to where you picked up the Driver Assist head, you’ll see that it’s back on the ground. Pick it up again, and you’ll see 5:15 A.M. flash on the top right! you can now save after 6 A.M.!! Keep in mind, this could get patched in a future update, doing this glitch doesn’t break anything, but when patched, it could cause save breaks or progress loss.

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