Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Where to Find All Disc/CD’s

This guide will show people where all the disc locations are.

All Disc Locations

Disc Locations

There are 16 discs in the game, if text isn’t your thing there is a video guide down below.

  1. There is one in the mouth of the Kraken on the stage opposite Freddy’s room in rock star row.
  2. There is one in the treasure chest in kids cove next to Monty’s gator golf.
  3. In Roxy’s salon outside the building there is a disc sitting on the Roxy plush.
  4. After taking the elevator to Fazer-blast, in the corner of the room a disc can be found on the trophy rack.
  5. A disc can be found in the middle floor in front of the main stage (beware Roxy is constantly prowling the area).
  6. In the corner of the bakery there is a golden cupcake with a disc sitting on it.
  7. In Monty’s gator golf, on the balcony at the last hole there is a disc.
  8. In Bonnie bowling at the out of order stage near the kitchen there is a disc.
  9. Just after you encounter Chica for the first time (in the bathrooms) there is a couch with a drawing of Freddy above it, on the couch a disc can be found there.
  10. In the Faz-arcade in the second karaoke room a disc will be on top of the microphone.
  11. In Roxy raceway over in the bumper karts a disc will be sitting in one of them.
  12. In the preparation room (leading from rockstar row) on the pedestal in the middle of the room a disc will be found there.
  13. There is a disc on a Helpy cutout in the pathway from rockstar row and the main stage area (sorry if this is confusing, I found it really hard to explain).
  14. In mazercise on the drink refill machine in the corner of the room there is another disc.
  15. The next disc is to the right of Monty’s gator golf in the rock star row, the disc is in between a cardboard cutout of Freddy and Bonnie.
  16. The final disc is located further up from where you see Vanessa for the second time in the med booth, the disc is on a table next to a foxy plush.

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