Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Foxy’s Hidden Treasure

A guide to gain access to a hidden door and what lies behind it. To gain access to all parts to access the door you will need to be very late in the game at 6am.

Guide to Foxy’s Hidden Treasure

Foxy’s Poster

One and only spoiler warning for the rest of this guide.

The poster in question is located in the Day Care Theatre, you will naturally progress through this area if you decided to collect the Faz Camera from Monty Golf. The poster is on the highest floor of the theater overlooking the stage, the poster being in the corner of a back wall. When you first look at the poster will appear pretty normal, except for the fact that it appears to have something behind it. Nothing will happen with the poster at this time no matter what you do. You must find 4 cardboard cut outs identical to the figures of Foxy, Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy. There is no order to who you have to find first. To activate each cutout you will need the faz camera, simply flash the camera at them and you will hear a chime and their eyes will white out. The eyes on the poster will also white out as you flash each cut out. Once all cutouts are flashed you, approach the poster and it will open like a regular door.

Chica Cutout

Chica’s cut out can be found in the Atrium, narrowing it down the Kids Cove area.

Freddy’s Cutout

Freddy’s cutout can be located in the rehearsal room, where you had to go to get the backstage pass previously.

Foxy’s Cutout

Foxy’s cutout is located on the lowest floor of the same daycare theater the poster is located. Its in the room directly next to where you find the key for the maze.

Bonnie’s Cutout

Bonnie’s cutout is located in the west arcade or better known as the Fazcade. In the back access tunnel where they keep defunct arcade machines on the top level. He’s leaned up against the wall just left of the switch related to the main story and just next to Princess Quest II.

Thank You!

Thanks for reading this guide, its the first one I’ve ever done. Hope it helps you find something you didn’t know before.

The door appears to take you into Sundrop/Moondrop’s room, luckily he isn’t in there.

In the connected room is all the loot, lore, and a working arcade machine!

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