Sonic Adventure DX – Big the Cat: Guide to Fishing for Froggy

A complete (I think) guide on the fishing with Big the Cat.

Fishing with Big the Cat


These are the basic controls for fishing with Big the Cat.

On land controls:

  • Action Button – Press: rod attack/carry object when next to one. Hold: cast rod when next to water.
  • Jump Button – Press: short Jump. Hold: slightly higher jump.
  • Left Stick – Move Big/aim cast

In water controls:

  • Action Button – Hold: reel in lure slowly.
  • Jump Button – Hold: reel in lure quickly.
  • Left Stick – Left/Right/Down: Wiggle line.


The bar on the right shows how much tension your line has. When it reaches max capacity, your line will snap and you’ll lose a life. Below the bar it will show you how far your lure is from you. The top left corner shows how heavy the fish you’ve caught is, not the one on your hook.

My Technique

First, try to look for the fish/frog you want to catch as Big. Once you have, aim your hook in front of their path and let your lure sink to it. When it’s by the fish/frog, swirl your stick in a circle. This will hopefully attract them to the lure and activate a hit. Now that you have, keep swirling your stick and mash the jump button until the bar reaches half. Then, mash the action button until it reaches red and beep. Now, let go of the action button until the bar reaches half. Rinse and repeat.

Notes: when you hear splashing, the fish will attempt to bump into a wall. The bar will reach red and you will lose control until the bar goes back down.

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