Dark Souls 3 – How to Unban Your Account [Hard Ban & Soft Ban]

How to Unban Your Account

If you got banned from Dark Souls 3 online, you will probably see “You Have Been Penalized” warning when you run the game. I’m not gonna say why you got this warning (you cheated obviously).

There are 2 types of ban in Dark Souls 3: Soft Ban & Hard Ban

Soft Ban:

Its no big deal all you have to do is create a new character and continue playing for 7 or 10 days after that your new character will be checked and if everything were ok your account will be unbanned.

Hard Ban:

Now this one is when you clearly used cheats (mostly when you played online). Good news is your account can be unbanned even if you cheated but its a “one time only!” so if you ever caught cheating again your account will never be unbanned again!

All you have to do is that send Bandai Namco(Dark Souls 3 publisher) an email/ticker and tell them about your situation along with your “Steam ID” which you can be found in “Steam -> Account Details -> Under your username” (it is a 17-digit number).

You can use this example:

I have been penalized from "Dark Souls 3". I am sincerely sorry for my behavior and I will never use any hack/cheat in any dark souls title again. Please unban my account.
Platform: PC

You “must” send the ticket/email based on your region:

  • EU: https://service-en.bandainamcoent.eu/app/ask/p/6892
  • Asia: https://bandainamcoent.asia/contact-us
  • USA/Canada: https://support.bandainamcoent.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

They will answer you some days later with this answer: “As a one time exception, following the manual re-examination of your case, the restrictions on your account have been lifted”.

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