I Was a Teenage Exocolonist – Achievement / Ending Unlock Criteria

Achievement / Ending Unlock Criteria

(Quick caveat – the criteria are from my personal experience unlocking these. I didn’t rigorously QA unlock conditions, so your mileage may vary).

If it wasn’t clear, this is heavy SPOILER territory. You’ve been warned!

Ran Away

To unlock this, you need to be dating Dys, have a high relationship with Dys, and have a high rebellion stat. I believe you may also need to know where Dys’s ‘secret hideout’ is, which I think you learn early in the game interacting with Dys/sneaking out.

In Wet of year 18, you should get a conversation dialog with Dys where you can convince him to stop planting the bomb, but you should also have the option to set off the bomb together and leave the colony. Following this conversation path will lead to the Ran Away ending.

Green Vertumna Forever / Tangent’s Cure

I unlocked this by engaging in a lot of Engineering-building activities and building my relationship with Tangent, taking options that increased “Helping Tangent” where I could. At a certain point, if you help Tangent enough, you will learn about the Engineered Plague. All you need to do is take conversation options that bolster Tangent’s confidence in the plague and don’t confront Lum about it.

You should unlock this ending in the Wet before the end of year 19.

Transformation / Joined the Gardeners

I unlocked this ending by letting Dys bomb the colony, then doing repeated expeditions to the Ridge and finding Dys in the boss area. You should take conversation options that also allow you to join the Gardeners as well.

No More Dreams

I don’t have any specific instructions here except make sure this isn’t your first playthrough and try to sound as crazy as possible, taking as many delusion cards as you can. I think it helps if you go meet Sym and learn about the Gardeners and then try to tell everyone about it.

The experimental treatment doesn’t end your game, but it does remove all of the “past life” memory options, so be careful if you are relying on those for your playthrough!

All for Naught / Colony Destroyed

First, you need to have low or medium colony defenses – high defenses will prevent this ending. Then, follow the steps for the “Disconnect the Array” ending in the guides above, but when you get to the swamp to hunt Noctilucent, make sure that you fight them multiple times (just twice is fine), but do NOT enter the boss event/gardener’s base to disconnect the array. Leave the swamp instead.

This will reveal how strong the humans are to Noctilucent and anger them. The end of game Glow attack will be significantly stronger and wipe out the colony.


Make sure you aren’t dating Rex. Raise your relationship with Nomi to where they make some character art and ask them if its Rex. They will confess their crush on Rex, but are unsure. Encourage them to pursue it, and there will be a followup dialog sequence where you can observe them, unlocking the achievement.

Come Between Them

This may be an either/or situation, I’m not sure, but you at least need to do one of the following if not both:

  • Take decisions that lowers Tammy’s confidence – this leads to her not asking Cal out
  • Having above 80 relationship with Cal by the time the Helios lands in order to convince him to take you seriously rather than Tammy (or convince him to back off from Tammy)

By doing these things, you should eventually in Year 17-18 (don’t remember exactly when) stop them from dating and unlock the achivement.

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