Contraband Police – Guide to Easy Escapee Solution

Tired of smugglers not giving a damn hell about your border inspector authority and turn into fugitives? Want to progress on “No One Runs Away” achievements and easily farm them? Then yes, this is for you.

Easy Escapee Solution

We all know how annoying it can be to chase down an escapee after you uncover their contrabands and crimes. They can also straight up go for it while you being unaware of the great Tom and Jerry chase that is about to escalate. Fear not, there is a way to easily prevent these cases. So what should I do? Here is the trick.

The Solution for Escapee Problem

Upon completing the tutorial you are free to start engine of your police car. At the beginning of a new day head to the garage and hop in your police car. You will need to drive it a little then park horizontally to the road, blocking the path.

Once a smuggler step on the gas and attempt their way out of the border post they will have confrontment with your police car.

Eventually they will give up and surrender after you arrive the scene, then you can arrest the smuggler, search their car for contrabands and even drive their car back to border post and unload cargo, providing detailed contraband search. Mentioned police car can be any of the three types as long as you successfully block the way.


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