Contraband Police – Several Useful Tips

Several tips to make the game easier and remove/avoid annoying elements.

Gameplay Tips

Car Checking Tips

  1. Immediately after you approve or deny a ticket, press the lever for the next car. If the car is a “runaway” car, instead of rushing directly through the gate they will smash into the current car and will take much longer. You can even shoot the driver, it is only a $100 fee for killing civilian. This essentially removes the annoying runaway car mechanic.
  2. As soon as a car pulls up, turn on UV flashlight and run around looking at the tires and the rest of the car for S symbols. If you see an S symbol, before you do anything else, you can ask person to leave the car and arrest them, it will be a valid arrest before you even open the car for contraband. Then you are free to look around, search, and cut it open.
  3. Whenever possible check if they are trading, and do this before you arrest or cut open car for contraband.

Shootout Tips

  1. The Makarov pistol kills with one headshot. No need to use any other gun, but the AK is not bad. SMG is garbage.
  2. Don’t buy grenades, a gun does just fine.

Economy Tips

  1. Don’t buy potatoes at all there is hardly ever profit.
  2. Buy anything for $12 or less and sell when the price is at least double.
  3. Don’t buy the sniper guy he does nothing. Upgrade Maximov to rifle and you will do fine at shootouts.
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