Contraband Police – Dirty Cop Achievement Guide

Easy method to get dirty cop achievement early on in day 2 100% guaranteed.

How to Obtain Dirty Cop Achievement Fast and Easy

Getting Started

All you need to do is create a new game save and progress to day 2.

To make this go by faster i have put the decisions needed to make for each newcomer.

Day 1

  • Driver 1 Accept
  • Driver 2 Deny
  • Driver 3 Accept
  • Driver 4 Deny

Day 2

  • Driver 1 Smuggler this is not the smuggler that will offer the bribe
  • Driver 2 Deny
  • Driver 3 Accept
  • Driver 4 Smuggler this is the smuggle that will always offer you the bribe. Simply find and before arresting him and he will offer the bribe. From here you can reset and keep accepting this bribe for an easy achievement.

The End

Hopefully you now have an easy way to get this achievement instead of using RNG. 100% guaranteed bribe.

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