Banana Shooter – How to Enable Windows 7 Compatibility

Enabling Windows 7 compatibility can solve a lot of issues in Banana Shooter, and this will show you how to do it.

Enabling Windows 7 Compatibility

Locating Your Game Files

Right click on Banana Shooter either in the game list on the left of your library or on the Library home page and click on Properties.

In the Properites GUI, press Installed Files and then press Browse to open in File Explorer.

Enabling Windows 7 Compatibility

Once you’ve got your game files open, find Banana Shooter.exe

Right click on it and select properties at the bottom of the list. Then, select the Compatibility tab at the top of the GUI.

Tick the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” checkbox and then select Windows 7 from the dropdown menu.

Click apply and then run Banana Shooter, hopefully your issue is now fixed.

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