Brick Rigs – Zombie Mode Tips

Tips to Zombie Mode

The Ammo Boxes

The ammo boxes are where you can buy guns, clothes and paint jobs and of course ammo, because they are not considered part of the map standing on them at the correct spot will stop the zombies from moving, because in their eyes you have disappeared because they do not have AI paths for those crates

The Shipping Containers

On the city map you can find 2 shipping containers by a garage. If you go behind them between the fence and the container the zombies will get stuck rendering them useless and allowing you to shoot them whenever you want.


The best vehicle to use for zombie mode in my opinion is mini tank.

I also recommend turning vehicle cost to zero for the best possible outcome, the second vehicle i consider the best for zombie mode is the Phoenix Congress 1950 model.


The best spots are the edge of the grinder and the building next to it. However if you go to the top of the tallest sky scraper and put the lift down and up. If there are zombies on it you can trick them into getting stuck on the fuel and simply ride down on the lift and blow up the building with a tank or something.

Time Speed

If you are playing in singleplayer you can get in a titanium vehicle or bunker and speed up time to the max and the zombies will actually kill each other and die on their own. Doing this is risky though because you dont have time to run from them if you don’t turn it off, and also you don’t get money from them dying.

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