Blade of Darkness – Fog Fix Guide

Let’s fix the hard fog so that the Orlok gorge and other locations are comfortable, and in general it will be closer to the original game.

How to Fix Fog


  1. Install BODLoader, put the archive in the root folder:
    X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Blade of Darkness\
  2. We put a fix on version 2021 in just unpack it with replacement in the same folder.
  3. Click on install.bat
  4. Start the game, if the MODS item appears in the menu, then everything is installed.
  5. Download the fog fix and unpack it in the BODLoader folder into the Mods folder, be sure to create a folder with our name (I called it FogFix), this is important otherwise the mod will not be visible for installation.
  6. Install by going to the game menu, in the MODS item, click Setup, on the name of the mod and click install, everything will be written installed and enabled and you can safely play.

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