New World – All Chat Emotes

This guide will show you how to use chat commands to activate all of the emotes available in New World.

How to Do It

To use the emote, type any of these commands in chat. If you type “/cheer” in chat, for example, your character will cheer.

All Emotes

  • /cheer​
  • /dance​
  • /dice​
  • /flex​
  • /go​
  • /point​
  • /here​
  • /no​
  • /sit​
  • /thumbs​
  • /wave


Thank you for taking the time to read through my guide! So far, the game has only 11 chat emotes.

They’re useful if you want to interact with other players without having to talk to them… If you’re walking by someone fishing, for example, you can encourage them. You can give someone a thumbs up if they assist you. You can also simply greet people with a friendly wave.

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