Blade of Darkness – Ultimate Character Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help new players to pick a character for the first time, depending of their playstyle.

Definitive Guide to Characters

Sargon (Balanced) – Knight

  • “Jack of all trades” character
  • Best defensive character
  • Three armor upgrades
  • A lot of abilities
  • Can use shields effectively
  • Decent combos
  • Good Hit Points
  • You need to be really close for hit

The knight is the most used character among the players. His balanced stats make of him a reliable choice. Recommended for players that thinks that a good defense is the best offense.

Tukaram (Damage) – Barbarian

  • Powerful combos
  • Long ranged melee weapons
  • A lot of abilities
  • Decent Hit Points
  • Some combos are slow
  • One armor upgrade

The barbarian is pure brutality. His poor defense compensates with good damage. Recommended for brave and aggressive players.

Zoe (Speed) – Amazon

  • Very agile character
  • Fast and evasive dodge
  • Whirlwind ability is really good and can be obtained early in the game
  • Long ranged melee weapons
  • Decent combos
  • Less Hit Points than the rest of the characters
  • One armor upgrade
  • A few abilities (actually two)

The amazon is the fastest character from all. Her fast / long ranged attacks and dodges make her a good choice for players who wants the job done quick

Naglfar (Tank) – Dwarf

  • Good defense, attack and Hit Points
  • Defensive character
  • Can use shields effectively
  • Two armor upgrades
  • A few abilities
  • His attacks and combos tend to miss a lot
  • You need to be really close for hit
  • Slow dodge

The dwarf is a bulky character. It has everything. But his short legs make his dodges and movements slower. Recommended for players who doesn’t care about to get hit. It is also recommended to install the MightyDwarf mod for fix his hit boxes.

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