Back 4 Blood – DOOM Mom Build Guide

Wanna turn Mom into the Doom Slayer?

Guide to DOOM Mom Build


Not enough DOOM in your zombie apocalypse?

Need that satisfying feeling of just a double barrelled shotgun in your hands?

Pick Mom (or find a super shotgun) and try this setup:

Drop your primary at the start for some other chump to pick up and have fun infinitely blasting zombies like Mr. Rip & Tear himself.

You’ll start with Ammo Stash:

So no need to chainsaw the demons- I mean zombies, for extra ammo.

Then you’ll take Mag Coupler:

When would the Slayer ever ADS anyway?

Next pick up Scattergun Skills:

Now it’ll start to feel more like DOOM.

After that, pick up Widemouth Magwell:

It starts getting comical at this point.

“But Rabbit, where are my sick glory kills that give me health back?”

I got you covered homes:

The rest of the cards you can do what you want with, but the ones in the list at the top are pretty good.

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