Darkest Dungeon – How to Dupe Quest Rewards

Darkest Dungeon - How to Dupe Quest Rewards
Darkest Dungeon - How to Dupe Quest Rewards

In this guide i explain how to dupe anything you get after completeing any quest in the game.

Setting up

Note: Credit goes to TheMagicMarksMan

The very first thing you must do, is take a party consisting of whatever you want, and go forth and complete an expedition of your choosing.

[VERY IMPORTANT] Once you’ve reached the end, (Defeated a boss, ect,) and can go to the hamlet, choose to stay and continue exploring.

At all costs you must not go to the hamlet, and collect your reward, not yet.

After you’ve done that, make sure you’re still in the quest, once you are. Close your game and return to desktop.

File Configuring

Its not as hard as it seems. Ill go through this step by step.

Once you’ve returned to your desktop, Go to your steam library. And right click on Darkest Dungeon.

This is what you should see. Go ahead and click properties at the very bottom.

After that, click Browse local files. At the very top there.

After that, Open these files in this order: Campagin/Town/Buildings/Stagecoach.

Darkest Dungeon - How to Dupe Quest Rewards

You should be in this folder. Go ahead and open Stage_Coach.building with Notepad.

Darkest Dungeon - How to Dupe Quest Rewards

This is what you should see after opening Stage_coach.building with notepad.

Darkest Dungeon - How to Dupe Quest Rewards

Depending on what upgrade you have on your stage coach, Edit its value to 9999. Keep in mind its orignal number, so once we are done we can set it back. In this case i am editing the final upgrade of the stage coach. Which is highlighted.

Darkest Dungeon - How to Dupe Quest Rewards

What this does is, it makes the number of classes that show up in the stage coach 9999. But the game can’t handle that number. So when you go to open the game after setting that number to 9999. The game crashes, don’t worry this is what we want, all you have to do is set it back to its orignal number that you saw the screenshot before.

After you’ve done that. Go up here and press ‘Save’.

Green Like Molten Envy

Once you’ve saved the file. Go ahead and open Darkest dungeon, if you’ve done what i’ve asked so far. You should appear in your quest with your quest goal completed.

Go ahead and go to the hamlet. And go through the quest completetion screen.

Press return to hamlet. If all goes according to plan, your game should crash.

Every time your game crashes. The loot you gained (Quest trinket. Quest gold, Supply items and trinkets from your inventory) Should be duped every time your game crashes.

Darkest Dungeon - How to Dupe Quest Rewards

Once you’ve had your fill of gold and other illustrious items. Go ahead and set these numbers back to these values. Every time you return to the hamlet. The numbers are generated. So long as the number is small it shouldnt crash.

Darkest Dungeon - How to Dupe Quest Rewards

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