Darkest Dungeon – Shadows Blur Together Achievement Guide

Darkest Dungeon - Shadows Blur Together Achievement Guide
Darkest Dungeon - Shadows Blur Together Achievement Guide

Since many players seem to go through a serious struggle trying to get this achievement i decided to get my easy, safe and reliable solution for obtaining this one out there.


  • 1 Rat Carcass very rare trinket, preferably combined with the “mantra of fasting”.
  • Only 1 hero thats infected with the crimson curse, preferably already wasting. The cursed hero should be any rank 3/4 damage dealer/support class. 
  • 3 other heroes to form a reliable stall party with, able to withstand two frontline enemies for an extended amount of time. I prefer a Man-At-Arms, a Crusader and a Vestal. 
  • To take a lot of bandages. 
  • A little time and patience. 
  • Nothing else.


  • Provision generously. Bandages and food are helpful here. 
  • Equip the cursed hero with the aforementioned trinkets. 
  • Take the party to the ruins for safety, difficulty or dungeon level doesnt really matter. 
  • Play until you find an enemy setup which can be reduced to two enemies which can only hit the front two ranks, ideally two cultist brawlers. 
  • Switch the wasting and crying hero to the second position and carefully let the brawlers lower his HP. 
  • At the point when the bleed on the cursed hero will take him to deaths door, switch him back to position 3. 
  • When the bleed has taken him to 0 HP, cure it with a bandage so he doesnt die from it. 
  • While wasting the hero will occasionally hurt himself (and only himself), which will eventually pass the deaths door check and kill him. 
  • Until that happens all you need to do is protect the 2 front ranks with MAA, heal any stress with the Crusader and occasionally heal the minimal incoming damage with the Vestal. 
  • This can take quite a while, like 50 rounds. But its absolutely safe once you executed the steps above successfully. 
  • Yes, the suicide of a hero due to the crimson curse triggers the achievement, i got mine this way. 
  • Enjoy the stress-free cheese with some nice wine and always stay clear of overconfidence!

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