Darkest Dungeon – How to Get the Shadows Blur Togther Achievement

Darkest Dungeon - How to Get the Shadows Blur Togther Achievement
Darkest Dungeon - How to Get the Shadows Blur Togther Achievement

This guide will help you to obtain the most annoying achievement in the game in easy and cheese way.

Shadows Blur Togther …in Painful and Grindy Way

Alright..the way to obtain this achievement it not so easy..it’s very frustrating and grindy, but the excution of the final activities is rather save and easy in compare to other guides to this particular achievement.

Of course you can get it by accident but it’ happen in extremely rare situation.

The goal of the achievement is to procure the situation when Crimson Curse affflicted hero kill another hero of kill himself, cause of blood hunger.

in order to do that you need 2x cursed Jesters and 2x cused Lepers (it can be any characters really, but in this setup is the easiest). Needless to say it takes substancial amount of time to gather right party and get it cursed..

Go to The Darkest Dunegon lvl 1 and engage a fight with 2 Raptorous Cultist – they cannot hurt you, since only they can do is healing and guarding. Bring blood vials with you – that’s all you need of provision.

Unlock/switch off all offensive abilities of your heroes to avoid the situation that they attacked an enemies while raging with curse of affliction.

Lepers stay with Revange and Withstand – they can heal stress themself.
Jesters stay with Battle Ballad and Ispiring Tune – to lower the stress.

Now you need to skip turns to stress your party – low torch light might help – in order to get 200/200 stress and Heart Attack. When Heart Attack hero’s hp goes to 0 and death door.

Do that 4 times with any character, but not in same time to avoid second Heart Attack and instant death.

All of heroes should be crimson cursed, craving or wasting possibly. The best option is bloodlust – that’s why you bring blood vials. But be careful with wasting state of curse, after some time hero can die because of blood hunger – so give them blood if wasting. Curse stadium change from time to time around 30 turns. Bloodlusted is pure RNG.

Darkest Dungeon - How to Get the Shadows Blur Togther Achievement

Now all you have to do is wait for situation when curse raging hero attack an ally or kill himself. That’s all. It might take a longer while…up do 100 turns but eventually it happens. Look at my screen. (first try in that setup/ 3rd in anysetup) Most ofen cursed heroes switch position, stress party or using ability (that’s why we switched off offensive ones) hitting themself of party memebers is the rarest situation.

Darkest Dungeon - How to Get the Shadows Blur Togther Achievement

I’m glad I’m finally done with DLC. It takes me about 40 h to complete it. It’s even more ridiculousy hardcore pieces of game than ng+/stygian mode, pushes boundaries of masochism to another dimension 🙂

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