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The Outer Worlds - Poster Locations

Oct 24, 2019    
The Outer Worlds - Poster Locations

The Outer Worlds Guides:

Poster in The Outer Worlds is a Quest Item. Quest Items are items that are found and/or used by the player to advance certain Quests or to access locked areas. Quest items are usually obtained through finding, exploring, and looting it from specified areas of a Location, killing Enemies, and are given by NPCs.

Poster Information

  • Room decorations.
  • Can be found in Nyoka's room after acquiring.
  • Can be found in Felix's room after acquiring.

Poster Location / Acquisition

Phineas' Lab

  • There is a total of 3 of these to find; 2 on the walls and 1 on a gurney.
  • On the left side of Phineas' Lab, look towards the dead creatures.

Emerald Vale

  • In the runaway's room, one of the movie posters can be found on the right wall near the bed.


  • On the wall inside the Lost Hope bar near the table with two guys.