Welcome to the Game – How to Beat Claffis (WTTG 2.0)

Welcome to the Game - How to Beat Claffis (WTTG 2.0)
Welcome to the Game - How to Beat Claffis (WTTG 2.0)

This guide will show you a useful technique for how to beat the Claffis puzzle in Welcome to the Game 2.0 Update and get the URL to the second Deep Wiki. All you need is two mobile devices, and a pen and paper.

Welcome to the Game 2 Guides:

Intro to Claffis

Claffis is a website accesible from the second Deep Wiki that if completed correctly will give you the URL to the third and final Deep Wiki. It contains sheet music for a song called Claffis and if you click each measure it will play a different pitch. At the top, there is a scale and if you click that, it will play a 7 note sequence and you must recreate it flawlessly. If you mess up it will play a low pitch piano note and you must try a different sequence.

Step 1: Recording each Measure / Finding the Pitch

To start, get a pen and paper and label each measure something like top1 (for which row, and what measure). Then, record each measure’s note into one mobile device’s recording app. Then, take out the other phone, and install a tuner app on it.

Yes, that’s right. Install a musical tuner app on the second device. Make sure it tells you the exact pitch (meaning letters and numbers) and not just high or low. Do not try to do this by ear unless you have pitch perfect hearing. You will most likely mess up and have to start over. Don’t worry, no one’s perfect.

Then, play each recording one by one into the tuner, and add the pitch next to it. For example:

  • top1 — A5
  • top2 — G5
  • top3 — F5

Do this for all of them. Make sure if it has a # next to it you write that too, it is vital that you get the exact details down to the sharps or flats. Most should either just be normal (letter number) or sharp (letter # number). After you have completed this step successfully, move on.

Step 2: Finding the Sequence’s Pitches / Matching them to Measures

For the first part of step two, it is fairly simple. Just record the sequence on the phone you recorded the other ones on. Make sure you get every note in the recording. There are 7 notes in every randomly generated sequence.

For the second part, it is going to be more difficult. Go through the sequence note by note, and use the tuner to determine each pitch for each note. When you find the pitch, look at the list of pitches on the page with all the measures’ pitches. Then match that pitch for the sequence to a pitch in the list of them for all the measures. For example:

Sequence: note1 == A5
Measure: top1 == A5
(Thats a match!)

Then, write the measure that matches the sequence. Do this seven times and you have recreated the sequence. Now click the measures you matched and pray that this worked. Hope I could help!

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