Welcome to the Game II – All 5 Threats and How to Counter Them

Welcome to the Game II - All 5 Threats and How to Counter Them
Welcome to the Game II - All 5 Threats and How to Counter Them

Do you just hate browsing the web and all of a sudden some knock-off Agent 47 enters your room and kills you? Do you despise going to the alley and not knowing when there will be a mentally insane man with a knife sharper than your attitude after he kills you. If so, this is the guide for you!

Welcome to the Game II Guides:


During your adventures in this bone-chilling, paranoia simulator, you will come across many threats who are all determined to kill you and give you a Game Over. Each threat is unique and they all require different strategies to combat. Here are the threats you will face in this game:

The Police:

These three polite gentlement are SWAT team members cracking down on illegal and unwarranted content on the deep web to maintain order. They are very good at their job but not very good at entering homes without making a fuss.


Serving in the Polsih Armed Forces for 6 years, Lucas Kumiega was found guilty of war crimes and in order to prove his innocence, he fled to the US and became a hitman ready to do any deeds for the right price. He will lockpick your doors, he will stay in your apartment for 3 months before leaving, and he will call you a fool for hiding in the closet because that is such a cliche hiding spot and nobody irl should ever hide in a closet to hide from a professional Eastern-European hitman, ever.


Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman who wanted to enhance their romantic pleasures. So they set up a cult on the deep web, started wearing pale white masks and enlisted in a career of torturing young women and bludgeoning people with a stick within their homes. Oh yeah and they can teleport so don’t make fun of them.


This guy is your average meth-addicted, homeless,thug life, sterotypical surgeon psychopath with a blade that will cut into your soul and you question whether or not you should have really went down there to get a flimsy device that beeps whenever you go through it. Unlike other threats, this guy is actually scary and so random that any encounter with him will make you jump.

Secret Killer: Doll Maker

Not much is known about him but he takes his work very passionatley in Dismembering young girls into sex dolls, so much so that he politely asks for your assistance while holding you at knifepoint.
Nonetheless, it is entirely possible to avoid him but you will know when he arrives.
Now that we have introduced ourselves to our villians. Let us get to the strategies.

The Police

During the early stages of the game, the police will be your primary concern as they will attempt to track you down through your IP. To counter this, you need to be constantly switching networks. At first, you start with 5 free but unreliable networks that can be accessed by placing your dongle across different points across your apartment room. When I say that they are unreliable, I REALLY mean it. Each of these free networks lasts for about 10-15 minutes before you have to change network, any longer and the police would have found you and showed you how they deal with law offenders…

Because of how short they last , it is nessacary to hack into a WEP password locked network before 11pm so you can have a breather without having to change networks so often. You can also hack WPA and WPA2 networks by upgrading your skyBREAK and those ones are really good at protecting you against the police. As far as I am aware:

  • WEP networks protect you for around 25-30 minutes
  • WPA networks protect you for around 50 minutes
  • WPA2 netoworks protect you for around 90 minutes

Also the better the network, the faster your browser goes so that’s a bonus.

However,if you fail to change networks and hear footsteps and background noises outside your room, the inevitable is upon you. You cannot hide from them, you cannot fight them. They will enter your home and present you with their shiny G36’s while yelling disrepectful words at you to truly show how ruthless they are.

“But bensons! What if I am in the alley when they arrive, should I be worried?!

Not to worry! The police have learned that patience is a virtue so even if you arrived late to the party, you will still be welcomed by three handsome fellas with open arms and kevlar armour.

Lucas Kumiega

I think we can all agree that this guy is the WORST!Not only does this guy steal your notes and DOS coin; break into your apartment and stay in there for a gazilljilion years but he also has the power to end a successful run with his infamous stairway kill. Not to worry though as he is quite easy to deal with IF you are prepared. Before Lucas spawns, you would want to have around 2-3 VPN’s and 1 motion sensor. Why you ask? Because as soon as you hear that lockpicking sound, you know that there is no chance in hell you are ever getting out of your room(exceptions being when the power is out). If you do decide for some foolish reason to venture out into the alley after Lucas spawns, you have a very high chance of confronting him either in the entrance to the 8th floor or the entrance to the stairway from the lobby.

As for WHEN he spawns, my experience with this game suggests that:

  • Lucas spawns when you have found 2 sites containing keys. You do not need to find the keys for him to spawn
  • Eventually, Lucas autospawns at around midnight unless you have not browsed the deep web AT ALL (This includes browsing the wiki).

As for the cues in which you aware of his presence, there are a couple:

  • 2 honks. If you hear 2 quick honks, Lucas has spawned and you should abandon all shipments unless you are a risk taker, in which case good luck crying in a fit of rage when he caps your ♥♥♥ with his stock sound suppresor. Be on the lookout for more sound cues as this also signifies he is coming to you.
  • Footsteps. if you hear footsteps that do not seem to be happening on your floor, you are safe and there is no reason to panic. If they seem to be happening on your floor however, be prepared for his entry by turning off the lights(This decreases his visit by a substantial amount), turning off your computer(preventing him from stealing your coins and notes) and hiding in the bathroom(make sure you turn off the bathroom door or Lucas will immediately notice and kill you.
  • Lockpicking. if you hear a squeaky noise happening around your door, Lucas is lockpicking your door. Simply do the same steps above but MUCH faster. You only have about 15-20 seconds until he has access.

Either two things will happen:

  • A: Lucas enters the room and waits there for around 2 minutes. Each light on adds around a
    minute to his wait. If all lights are on, Lucas will check one of the hiding spots(Only if you do not
    have mic mode on). After that he leaves and locks the door like a true gentleman.
  • B: Lucas will pretend to sound as if he is leaving but he is actually camping the door for a couple of seconds to fool you. If you open the door, you get shot. If you look through the peephole, you get shot. Bottom liine, stay away from the door! After his camping session, he will leave for a couple of mins then come back and lockpick the door again(that is, if you locked the door after his camping session)

If you managed to survive the Lucas encounter, give yourself a pat on the back and turn all the lights back on, otherwise you will get a new guest coming to your room very soon…

Also note that Lucas is no quitter so he will randomly keep checking and lockpicking your door throughout the game, making him and the Noir the biggest threats of the late game(Police barely become a threat as you are most likely using WPA networks when Lucas becomes active)

The Breather

If the “Breather” sounds familiar to you, you’ll remember that this is the same f*cker that tried to harass you in the first game. Unlike the first game, he doesn’t call you to say hello, nor does he attempt to go into the apartment. However, this son a b*tch is still annoying as there is no tutorial on how to counter ship apart from a vague hint on his document which confirms he goes to alleyways. Not to worry though as this guy is quite easy to beat, if you got a good reaction time.

Alright, let’s get into his tactics. The Breather only appears in the alleyway after you collect and use your free remote VPN. You will know if he is active if you hear two loud footsteps or a giggle, in which you NEED to go inside that little room on the far right side of the alleyway and press against the door. If you go for the package before this, The Breather will run towards you and stab you to death like the ♥♥♥ he is. Once you are in the room, press against the door and wait for 30 seconds. If you hear no noise, you may leave the room andcollect your package as the Breather is not present. HOWEVER, if you DO hear noises like footsteps, s*it is about to go down and you need to concentrate your attention on the handle. DO NOT PEEK through the window. If the Breather sees you, he will kick down the door and stab you for your stupidity. Simply concentrate on the handle and for any noises. Once you hear breathing noises, be prepared to hold the handle with your life(but not yet!). The Breather will test the handle for 2 seconds before kicking down the door. Within those two seconds, you will see the handle slightly move. IMMEDIATELY hold the handle untill he lets go and wait. He will test the handle for about 8-9 time(f*cking maniac) before he goes off. Once again, DO NOT peek or you will see a lovely gentleman on the other side…

Welcome to the Game II - All 5 Threats and How to Counter Them

And then the rest is history….

Instead, wait for another 30 seconds until you are absolute certain that he has left the alleyway, go pick up your package, get the hell out of there, and go back to your room in peace.

As I said before, I recommend not going in the alleyway by 11:30 because the breather is not only more aggressive but he has his buddy Lucas to make sure you dont walk out of there alive…

The Noir

Not that we have faced a bald headed assassin, a psychotic serial killer and militaristic NYPD officers; we now face two ghostly, teleporting masked stalkers known as the “Noir”, comprised of a male and female(Talk about relationship goals).

These folks serve as the main antagonists of the game narrative based but in gameplay they are quite weak. They are more active in the dark which is why it is important to leave some lights on, otherwise they would insta kill you when you get on your PC. Other than that, they spawn across your apartment complex, primarily the window next to your PC and in the hallways. Every in game minute or so, make sure you check the window next to your PC. If you see that there is a Noir staring at you, immediately rise from your chair, face the wall and count to 20(The notes say count to 30 but I always use the 20 second rule as it works and it is quicker!). After that, turn around and the man should disappear. If you ignore the Noir man at the window by going on your PC or if you go close to him, the female Noir will spawn in your apartment and beat the s*it out of you…so don’t go near em.

Also, make sure you look at the hall before entering it as there may be a Noir on the other side of the door waiting to say hi. Simply do the same thing and turn your back and count to 20.

Secret Killer

Unlike the other threats in this guide, this killer may not even be active in your game. He is only a threat once you visited the Doll Maker site.

Eventually after that, you will hear music coming from outside your room. Simply look through the peephole and you will see a human sized doll outside your door, being picked up by an old, European man. Immediately the power will go out so you need to go to the maintinence room and turn it back on. Once you make your way back to your room, The Doll Maker will jump you and hold you at knifepoint saying this:

“Good evening. I…believe you’ve seen my work. I do hope you like it. However, I’m afraid this visit is not for pleasure. You see, obtaining the girls I seek for transformation has become…increasingly difficult, and I cannot risk my work by searching for new flesh myself. So…you will provide them for me. Find me a woman in this building and mark the door. I will do the rest. When I am ready for another, you will know. Do not fail me. Do not test me. And I will spare your life. Time is ticking. I left the marker on your door.

Once that has finished, You will find a marker on your door. You need to find a woman under 30 in the apartment complex, otherwise The Doll Maker will kill you. To find a woman under 30,
you will need to hack into the lobby computer using the LOLPY disk that you can find in the Shadow Market. Hacking into the computer will show you the list of tenants and their age in the computer,
as well as their room number. Place the marker on a room number which is owned by a young woman and return back to your apartment. Eventually, you will hear a muffled scream and kicking which signifies that the Doll Maker has kidnapped a woman and your mission is complete…for now.
You see, the Doll Maker will sneak into you apartment and place the marker on your door which means tha you will have to find ANOTHER woman in this building. Good Luck!

General Tips

Here are some tips to help you along the way:

1. Don’t leave your flashlight on! Leaving your flashlight on will drain it’s battery, causing it to run out of charge. As fa as I am aware, there is no way to recharge your flashlight so my advice is to avoid leaving it on for too long. Instead use it only when the power is out in short bursts so you can see your surroundings.

2. Check the source code of all sites! I’ve seen countless times Youtubers and Streamers who try desperately to find the keys but forgetting to check the source code. Not only can the source code potentially contain keys, it is also the only way to find the link to the Deep Web Wiki II. Don’t be fooled by the schema.com URL at the top of every website, that is not the wiki.

Follow these four steps of checking a website:

  • Step 1: Check source code for keys or Deep Wiki II
  • Step 2: Check the site itself incase the code is shown anywhere in plain site
  • Step 3: Hover over any images to see if they are clickable
  • Step 4: Hover over all text to see if anything is clickable

If no key was found, go to another page and repeat.

3. Buy physical items ASAP! Later on in the game you won’t be able to because the Breather and Lucas will attempt to stop you so make sure you got the neccesities(2-3 VPN’s, 1 Motion Sensor and maybe a WiFi dongle) before Lucas spawns.

4. Make sure you practised all 4 hacks! During the late game, the hacking minigames will become a LOT harder and will inflict severe punishments such as huge DOS coin losses or even a wipe of your notes!

5. The Rule of Three. On the Second Deep Wiki, you will come across this site. This site is your one way ticket to the Third Wiki but it involves a trial and error puzzle similar to the first game. Use a notepad or paper to record the patterns of each trio, it saves a lot of time especially when you are an impatient brat like me!

6. Check all pages of a site! Some people ignore the “Contact”,”Purchase” or “Sign Up” links because they think it can’t possibly contain a code… well they do and you need to the Four Steps on each one of them.

7. You do not need a Key Cue to know if a site has a key! Instead, as soon as you load up a website, check your window next to the PC. If it was opened slightly then that means the site has a key so make sure you scour the hell out of it!

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