Layers of Fear – The Tree and The Apple Ending Guide

Layers of Fear - The Tree and The Apple Ending Guide
Layers of Fear - The Tree and The Apple Ending Guide

A guide on how to achieve The Tree and The Apple ending in Layers of Fear Inheritance.


I just spent way more time than I care to admit (though I suppose you could look at my hours spent in Layers of Fear and expose me) trying to figure out what exactly triggers The Tree and The Apple ending. Here’s how to always make the ending occur.

How to Get The Ending

What triggers the ending is being active in all flashbacks as well as finding and arranging all the pictures. That’s it. You don’t need to find any other notes or memories. The flashbacks can be done in any order.

Flashback 1:

  • Go to the kitchen closet door. Once in the flashback open the door and let the dog out. Back in the present retrieve the picture from inside the closet.

Flashback 2:

  • Go to the closet near the stairs. Pick up the drawing and walk inside to trigger a flashback. In the flashback lock the door of the closet.

Flashback 3:

  • In the basement go as far as you can. In the flashback pick up the music sheet to your left. Make sure to grab the drawing as well once back in the present.

Flashback 4:

  • In your childhood bedroom interact with the painting on the wall. Stay still while your father paints you. Pick the drawing up off the floor when you are done.

Flashback 5:

  • Walk near the couch upstairs. In the flashback get the dog off the couch.

Flashback 6:

  • In your parent’s room walk towards the gramophone. When the flashback starts turn on the gramophone. There will be a drawing in the cupboard behind you.

Flashback 7:

  • Go to the office desk. In the flashback always chose to walk on your dad’s side. In the first room continue playing the piano until your mother says to get the crayons. Go and retrieve them from a cupboard in the room. With the music notes and piano now marked play the tune properly. Once done with the flashback pick up the picture off the desk.

Flashback 8:

  • In the painting room walk to the back-left side. In the flashback complete the painting using the paints NOT the crayons.

Last Two Drawings:

  • One is in the room of discarded paintings. It will be in the righthand corner after entering.
  • The other is on a table in the hallway near the parents’ bedroom.

Return to the painting room where you had the flashback. Interact with the wall to put up all the drawings you have found.

Arrange all the drawings to resemble your face. Walk slightly away from them and shine your flashlight on them. After 30 seconds or so turn the flashlight off revealing a rat head made of glowing ink. The rat head will turn into a map showing a secret room behind the cupboard in the painting room. Interact with that and voila!

Rat Head Not Showing Up?

Sometimes when viewing the map at the end a section of the rat face won’t light up. Simply exit and return to the game. Then make sure you are standing far enough away that your light is covering ALL the pictures equally and let it shine for a minute or so. When you turn the light off again the whole head should appear and then fade into the map.

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