Welcome to the Game II – Some Tips for Beginners

Welcome to the Game II - Some Tips for Beginners
Welcome to the Game II - Some Tips for Beginners

Welcome to the Game II Guides:

Some Tips

Before you even start the phone call (tutorial) go take your modem and put it at the kitchen window with that you get 2 wifi networks so you can easy switch a network before the police gets you 😉
Then you go to your bed next to it is your flashlight so you can see when the lights turn off,go back to your chair and skip both calls (second call when you click one of the markets) then go to the lobby and go out wait for the drone to come and take the package go back to your room close the door with a right click and take the VPN device,you can go to the hallway or outside on your balcony and place the VPN device at a wall.

Now here starts the game i just have some little tips when the “real” game starts if the good old mask boi standing at your balcony or watching you from the kitchen window ignore him he dosn’t do anything until you go near him the big problem is if you maybe getting a package from outside and come back he could stay at the stairs or the hallway maybe at the lobby i never had him for a long time xD anyway next,you should buy a backdoor a backdoor is the best thing EVER!!! because if you getting hacked you get the insta hack that is a realy easy block hack but you won’t get any coins so just fail the insta block then you get a new block there can be 3 of them one is a memorize hack the other is like a puzzle the other one also both could be hard well for me…. if you block those hacks you can get coins because of those backdoors.

This is the last tip i can tell you if you go to the doll maker website sometimes you get other webpages so it could be you get this webpage on the browser if you click a little bit on this page it could happen you hear after a short time creppy doll music i think you know what i mean if you hear a creppy doll music go to the door do not open it just look trough the peephole you would see a doll but also an old man (the doll maker) he takes the doll and thats it for now,if you go outside to the hallway and you maybe want to turn on the lights again he will grab you hold a knife at your neck and speeks a bit about his “work” then he should let you go he talks about a victim he wants a woman for his work and YOU should give him a women so he put a baby doll head with a string on your doorknob take it and put it on an other doorknob from someone else thats it i don’t know if this is correct with him but that’s what i did i hope it helped you a little bit 🙂

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