Welcome to the Game II – How to Complete The Game

Welcome to the Game II - How to Complete The Game
Welcome to the Game II - How to Complete The Game

Welcome to the Game II Guides:


So volume has to be on 100 so you can hear pick locking u dont need sensors… Adam will buy to you 1money generator or how is it called vpm/vpn idk now and if u hear pick locking you must turn off all lights i only use 1 so i can hide in bathroom if u dont turn off light Lucas will be searching ur room for 5minutes also don’t push because he can hear it i think and dont talk and focus on steps if he opens bathroom door don’t panic he cant find u when u dont talk maybe yes idk i never died in bathroom also he can trick u so wait just a little bit more if u dont hear steps ur good to go. Make sure u dont jump in noir face when u exit so its good to look at left and turn on light also code can be on doll maker so check the site at last if u need last code how to avoid…


If u hear sirens outside hide and switch wifi or disconnect from it also turn off ur computer when Lucas will come he can steal ur notes… if u buy police tracker or what is it it can t help u on 100% because many times i got swatted and i didn’t even hearted the police…


He can only be outside so u dont need to worry .If u go for ur package hide in doors at right and go down and focus on steps if u hear steps wait until he comes to the door wait for his breath and when he will try door hold left mouse and after the doors are closed stop and again again he can also trick you so wait about 1minute more and then look through window if he s not there u can go…


He will only spawn in ur room if lights are off but dont worry if u wont look at him or go to him u wont be killed then count in your head 20-30second and ur free.

Note: English is not my first language so sorry for mistakes.

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