Killing Floor – Basic Sharpshooter Guide

Killing Floor - Basic Sharpshooter Guide
Killing Floor - Basic Sharpshooter Guide

Simplest way to straight up level up your sharpshooter.

How to Level Sharpshooter

Getting Started

Sharpshooter is one of the strongest perks in the game and can kill zeds with ease. One of the most important things that must be done is to aim for the head to increase damage and decrease how longer it will take to get to the perks next stage, 6 being the max.


The weapons of the sharpshooter are very fast and pack a heavy punch, they is quite a few from handguns to giant 50 cal rifles. The lever action is one of the best ones to get due to its large damage and cheap price only costing 200 dosh. The M14 EBR is another good choice if your looking for a bit faster speed that still has good damage however it is more pricey then a lever and costs about 2500 to 750 throughout the perks price decrease.


To really insure damage always aim for the head, however make sure your aim is always precise as a wrong shot could lead to a enraged fleshpound or scrake which is why its best to have a clear area or corridor so you can really make sure you won’t miss any shots. Another thing is that you don’t want to have zeds behind you as it can mess up your aim and even kill you, for instance a crawler can throw off your aim and make you miss or take a bad shot so always make sure nothing is behind you or it can lead to a painful death.

Perk Leveling

A high perk is always something a killing floor player would want and luckily for you sharpshooter isn’t too hard to up as it only requires you get head shots. Clot buster is pretty good for upgrading since clots usually die in a single head shot and are very weak and slow, giving you plenty of time to scope em all out. You must be prepared when headshotting scrakes or fleshpound as a single shot to the head will most likely result in a rage (however for scrakes you wont have to worry too much about it unless your on hell on earth since they rage at 90% of their health but still take precaution!).

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