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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Bleeding Edge / Block Build

Feb 18, 2020    

Wolcen Guides:

Bleeding Edge/ Block Build


All points into ferocity for max crit chance.


  • All resist - mostly on heavy armor - look for other resists too.
  • Block chance.
  • Block efficiency.
  • Flat health or toughness - depends on how much health you get.
  • Flat added phys damage.
  • Ferocity.
  • Crit chance.
  • Crit multi.


  • Wings of Ishmir - Great mobility in fights. Jump out of damaging areas - stuns enemies. Manage ur stamina points to keep mobile
  • Flight of Gaavanir - I use it to clear enemies like archers or caster. everything that is not fighting at close range
  • Juggernout - Great defense, great damage, get rage back, cc immunity. Do i have to say more about this ability? Use it when ever u want to get ur rage back or after u got some bleeding edge going.
  • Sovereign Shout - Great buff - rage recovery - cc immunity.
  • Bleeding Edge - If u jump into big packs u get a lot of rage back if they die.


  • Helmet - Heavy Armor with max all resist - sockets health.
  • Body Armor - Heavy Armor with max all resist - sockets health. 
  • Shield - max Block - For the others take what u can get to max ur stats. Heavy or bruiser.


Wings of Ishmir

  • Lightspeed
  • Berserker's Onslought
  • Relentless Pursuit
  • Bird of Prey

Flight of Gaavanir

  • Howl of Battle
  • Thunderous Impact
  • Pounding Shakes
  • Stones Casting Shadows
  • Standing Boulder


  • Grudges Collected
  • Beast of the Battlefield
  • Flies in Bevvies
  • Heralded Pavis
  • Cold Steel
  • Banners Held High
  • Vibrations Internalized
  • Sound Body

Sovereign Shout

  • Marble House
  • Dawnbreaker
  • Infectious Determination
  • Raging Berserker
  • Singular Command
  • Hostile Inspir

Bleeding Edge

  • Bladed Meteorite
  • Wicked Swing
  • Upright Fury
  • Unstoppable Momentum
  • Orbital Strike
  • Evisceration


  • Offense - Flat physical damage to attacks.
  • Defense - Block chance - block efficiency - %to all resistance score.
  • Support - Life leech from Rend damage - crit chance or damage depends on your chance.