Killing Floor – How to Configure FOV

An all-in-one guide to configuring your FOV in Killing Floor!

Guide to Configuring Your FOV

Basic Info

First, you must know how to access the command console.

To access the console, find and press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard.

I recommended to tweak your settings in a singleplayer/host game!

FOV (duh)

To change your camera field of view type into the console:

fov x

Replace x with your desired value.

I recommend “106” for widescreen.

Viewmodel FOV

You can use the following to change your viewmodel field of view:

set Weapon DisplayFOV x

This might require some adjusting!

Find a value you are comfortable with! Experiment to your liking! Become a freak of nature!



I can touch the sky (120)

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