Ravenfield – Flight Control Guide

Ravenfield - Flight Control Guide
Ravenfield - Flight Control Guide

Sort of a guide on how to improve piloting in Ravenfield.


While using the mouse as a substitute for an analogue stick sounds good on paper, my own personal experience shows otherwise. Instead, from a few hundred hours flying in the atmosphere of Kerbin, I have found that keyboard controls are much better for flight.

Here’s a short video previewing my flight control style:

The Controls

Cutting to the chase, here’s the controls I use.

Under the Input tab, scroll all the way down and change the plane controls to as seen in this image:

Also, here are my preferred setting in the Game tab. The toggle aim is very important.

In the Cockpit

Some tips while flying:

  • Do not turn by yawing, instead roll and pitch.
  • Keep your head on a swivel.
  • Maintain a high level of energy.
  • Have plenty of room to maneuver.
  • When engaging a bandit, keep your eyes on them.
  • If your plane is equipped with them, use the missle’s tracking system to scan for BVR targets.

As said in the previous section, Toggling aim is important.

By changing the flight controls to WASD, you are able to simultaneously fly and scan for targets with your Mk I Eyeballs. Pressing the aim button (RMB by default), you can freely look with the mouse. While flying, be sure to have freelook on as much as possible.

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