Ravenfield – How to Fly the Plane

Ravenfield - How to Fly the Plane
Ravenfield - How to Fly the Plane

Learn how to fly the Ravenfield plane / bomber!

Pulling Up, Pulling Down

Note: Credit goes to Patrick925

So! Welcome to basic plane school, so lets get started, when you need to pull up you may think “So i should pull my mouse up?” No! The reason for this is when you pull up, in real life, you pull the plane stick down, so you pull your mouse down. When you pull your plane down, the exact opposite happens. You have to pull your mouse up, and you will land or dive down, depends on what you do!, also to pull to east, press d and or move your mouse to the right, same thing for left but you press A key or pull to the left. (Also w to accelerate and s to slow down be aware of stall while going slow).



So when a plane is behind you opening fire, you could pull down and get the plane above water low, and you could do a barrel roll and get behind them and- wait go to controls when you have finished tactics.


When you are under fire by AA or anything that is heavy on knocking a plane out of the air, you want to avoid it, you should get away pulling you plane away and or you could return fire with your turret or bombs.

Going Down!

If you are going down screaming in fear, calm down, press “F” and get out of the plane and press the space bar to parachute safely to water and or land. If your heavily injured instead of going down, stay calm, get away from the nearest attacker, please note you may have to get a new plane.


So you may think “Is this back to square 1?” No, it is the weapon controls! For most of it you will need the 1st key, also known as the guns, the guns should be reserved for shooting planes. For the 2nd control, SHOOTING BOMBS! Now you may think “HOLY SHOOT BOMBS ON THIS?” Calm down, these are missiles for shooting, boats, cars, AA or even tanks, press 2 or scroll.

Vehicles or Aircraft You Want to Shoot!

You will most likely want to shoot the following aircraft / vehicles:

  • Planes – Risky.
  • Bombers – Slow, aware of escorts nearby.
  • MG Jeeps – Use bombs, small risk if MG gunner is active.
  • Tanks – Use bombs, RISKY, Shoot when no bots are inside. 
  • APC – Low risk, be aware of guns, most likely alot of bots inside. 
  • Machine Guns – Shoot, high advantage when shot.
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