The Long Dark – Bleak Inlet Charcoal Map (with Useful Tips)

The Long Dark - Bleak Inlet Charcoal Map (with Useful Tips)
The Long Dark - Bleak Inlet Charcoal Map (with Useful Tips)

Ingame map of a Bleak Inlet region. Most of the vital spots are marked.

Detailed In-Game Map

Some Useful Tips

  • There are almost all vital spots marked in the map. Remember that not all the locations are 100% sure because of RNG.
  • Take notice of many safe spots or vantage points in the map. Developers in their absolute leniency put many fallen trunks or points with only 1 accessible route to help fight off the wolves. Always check your surrounding before approaching a pack.
  • Some advices against the wolves I have noticed so far:
  • You can go surprisingly close to them when crouching, then u can always take down 1 or maybe 2 of them before the fight even starts.
  • ALways keep your back near the wall or restrict their possibility to encircle you.
  • Create big fire and throw torches at them to break their morale
  • Throw stones to break their morale.
  • If you aim at them with any weapon, they tend to fall back. Useful to keep them at bay when your are not ready to commit yourself for a fight.
  • There is a 1 second window during the charging animation when they are super close to you, and is recommended to shot them right there. Otherwise they just zig-zag away or go full-attack mode.

For loper players it is of an utmost importance to avoid the fights by any means neccessary. Bows are not ideal weapon against them, but if u must go for it, at least make a plan and a worst case scenario. Always bring enough bandages, clothes and other medicine stuff to prevent your death.

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