Dungeon Drafters – Official FAQ

Hey Drafters! Glad to know of your interest in the game! We made a quick FAQ to help you guide yourself in the treacherous landscapes of the Island of Doom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Demo FAQ

Do the Demo supports ultra-wide or other non-standard resolutions?

  • Unfortunately, no. The system to adjust the game resolution to fit it in non-standard screens (16:9) was not complete when we stopped working on the Demo.

What about SteamDeck/Controller Support?

  • While the release version of the game will have full support for SteamDeck and controllers, we had to disable those features in the demo due to technical issues at the time of its creation.

Are Puzzle Rooms solvable? Do I need a key?

  • Yes, the puzzle rooms can be solved without any external help or keys. Each room contains its own set of puzzles that you’ll need to solve inside the room itself. But I won’t give any further hints or spoilers.

Can I speed up the game?

  • You can adjust the gameplay settings in the options menu to make the game faster. You can customize these settings to your liking. Additionally, you can change the game’s base speed and access an alternate speed by holding down the Shift key.

Is there a way to know what cards will do without casting them?

  • Absolutely! You can hover over any tag or keyword on the cards to reveal an infobox that explains what it means. While in the Demo you need to select the card to access its description, in the release version we have a new UI that allows you to see the card’s description by only hovering over it.

Can I change the Demo Language?

  • Unfortunately, changing the language in the demo version of the game is not possible. This is because the localizations for the game were not fully completed and the option to switch between them had to be disabled. However, the full release version of the game will have multiple language options available for players to choose from.

General FAQ

Console Release?

  • The game is confirmed to release later this year to Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Will the game support controllers and the Steam Deck?

  • Yes! The game will have full support for controllers and the Steam Deck at launch.

What are the available languages?

  • The game was initially planned to support English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese, as those were the languages confirmed during the Kickstarter campaign. However, with support from our fans and DANGEN, we were able to expand the game’s language options to include French, German, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Russian, and LATAM Spanish after the campaign ended.

Are there any accessibility options?

  • We’ve made every effort to ensure that the game is as accessible as possible, incorporating tools and features to aid with a wide range of disabilities and impairments. While we’ve adhered to many of the standard accessibility guidelines, there may be some options we haven’t included due to technical constraints.
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